Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday january 25 2009

so let me just get this out of the way, right from the start.

we didn't go to church today.

there. it's over. that wasn't so bad.

last night, we got home, hung out with my dad for a little bit and heard the play-by-play rundown of his evening with my kiddos.

let me state for the record, my dad is one cool cat. he has babysat my kids ONCE by himself. he has never fed them, BATHED them, dressed them, and put them to bed by himself. and the guy rocked it.

we came in and talked to him. his first comment was, "goo is just funny. she says no a lot."

amen, brother.

he said goo didn't eat much dinner, but she ate fruit and sat at the table. big h cleaned his blue plate. then, they just played together. and my dad decided to maybe watch something with them. so naturally, he turned on one of the old pink panther cartoons.

what i would've given to see the looks on my kids' faces when this happened.

"um, papa? dora? diego? super why? something? who is this? and why does it look so old? poor papa, he doesn't know how to do it."

but they got ready for the bath, and goo got in the bath.

moment of silence. awe and reverence for my dad.

my dad happens to be a bit OCD when it comes to hygiene. and that's putting it gently. :) he got big h clean but was surprised that goo said no every time he tried to clean any part of her.

yeah, welcome to my world, dad.

got jammies on, and they were good to go.

and i have to put this on here only because i literally love my dad to death.

he put goo's diaper on backwards. buz and i realized it this morning and got the biggest kick out of it. guess it's been a while. 30+ years?

anyway, read them stories. put goo down. and he was really surprised at how much she was crying. until he walked out into the living room. and saw muh.

again, what was going through goo's head when that happened?

"papa. you know me, right? you know my best friend is muh? and i don't go anywhere without her? but to sleep? that's just a no-brainer."

and he said with a smile, "i was amazed how quickly she stopped crying once i gave muh to her."

God love him.

then, big h had had a great day, so we said he could play lego batman. (we only have it two more days, so he's trying to get it in every chance he can.)

and the brief synopsis from their experience together? big h told my dad, "papa, you're not real good at lego batman."

my dad wholeheartedly agreed.

and then, we came home. my dad said he loved every minute.

i'm praying he wasn't lying through his teeth.

anyway, back to today. we go to church at 9. and it's about thirty minutes away. we've gotten it down to quite the system. we leave at 815, stop at starbucks for mini vanilla scones (or as big h calls them, vanilla cake), and head to church. drop off goo at her class first, head upstairs and drop off big h, and then buz and i sit in the lobby for about ten minutes and relax for a minute.

but to get them dressed and ready (more like get GOO dressed and ready), we realistically need them to be up by at least 745. normally, no problem. today, she wasn't awake and was showing no signs of waking anytime soon. so buz let me sleep in until 8, and then we all relaxed today.

big h and i went to einsteins to get bagels. this place has so much sentimental value to me. buz and i used to eat there once a week when we were dating and working at the same place. and when he started working somewhere else when we got married, i started bringing einsteins bagels for my accountability partner once a week. i get such warm fuzzies when i walk in there. not to mention, when i think of their everything bagel toasted with jalapeno salsa cream cheese, i literally start salivating. see? i'm doing it right now.

big h wore his jammies and slippers to the bagel shop. which brought me the biggest smile. honestly, i wish that was my picture of the day. oh well.

we came home, ate bagels, drank coffee, and played together while listening to music. it was awesome.

and then, we decided to count all of big h's lego guys. (and as a note: we got sidetracked when lining them up and never did count them. ADD on mom and dad's part.)

and i'll be honest, once we got started on this project, it was SO more for buz and me than for big h. in fact, he ended up pouting because he wanted to, you know, actually PLAY with his toys.

we're such drags.

and you know what's amazing about this? he plays with all of them. thank you, lego corporation, for inventing something so amazing. he LOVES them. his favorites are any of the batman-related characters and the indiana jones characters. never mind he's never seen anything about batman or indiana jones, other than toys. and he says that indiana jones is an adventure superhero because he wears a sidebag. so the indiana jones around our house is more of a messenger, apparently.

and goo all this time?

was making sure we were all being well taken care of. of course, i made a comment about how she was like our pediatrician. and she INSISTED she was not him. she was goo!

ahh...the life of a two-year-old.

we had some lunch and got ready for naps. naps for goo and me. no idea what buz did, and you can probably guess what big h did. it begins with bat and ends in man.

the kid LIVES superheroes.

everyone woke up, and we headed to target. just to get a couple of things. and we made it out of the toy section with no crying.

let's give Jesus a big hand clap and some hallelujahs.

came home and had breakfast for dinner. where our delicate daughter proceeded to polish off four patties of sausage. nice.

i put her to bed, buz and big h had a special time as usual this evening, and then it was time for big h to hit the hay.

about twenty minutes later, we heard him crying. he was still awake, and buz went in there.

he comes into our room and buz asks him to tell me why he's sad.

"mama, i'm sad because i'm going to miss you and daddy when i have a wife and have to live with her and not with you guys."

seriously...where does he get this stuff?

this is the same guy whose favorite song is brick house by the commodores.

shaking my head.

we have a pretty low-key week planned, which is nice. but remember my friend casey? she's coming into town this week, and i get to see her and her little SIX-MONTH-OLD. hello? six months ago? are you kidding me?

and that's about it.

kelly, i've said this before, but thank you for encouraging me to do this. i'm loving knowing that next year, i'll be able to read about and look at what my little family's been up to.
best part of my day? going to einsteins with big h. he is so much fun. and i LOVE his comments. "mama, it is taking FOREVERRRRRRRRRR to make your coffee and daddy's coffee." not to mention how cute he looks in his little jammies and slippers.
and one more thing. someone tell me how to figure out to stop cursing at blogger in my head and in my sleep. what is UP with all of this spacing nonsense? it has my OCD issues going out of control.


Nana said...

Please put your list of blogs you look @

back ==it helps me get to them---sure enjoy looking @ yours each day!

aimee said...

Bagels - YUMMY! SOunds like your dad did a great job. I'm not sure how my dad would do. He's lots of fun, but not sure about the routine getting accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just need a day like that. Sounds like it was a great one!

Beck said...

Einsteins: Russ and I have about 40 of their plastic coffee mugs since it was such a staple of our dating life.

Powerbagel with peanut butter & honey

Bagel Lox...mmmm, don't knock it!

Colored With Memories said...

your dad is awesome...i don't think mine would ever volunteer for that.

sometimes you have to spend your sabbath just like you described...that's okay!

stop by when you get a chance...i passed along a blog award to you today...


Kelly said...

Do you guys ever have a bad day? Doesn't sound like it. I especially liked the photo of Big H with the legos lined up in a perfect row.

It is going to be so awesome to have a year of our lives documented like this. I plan to make a book for us and the grandparents with all of my images of the girls.

Alli said...

Hey Janet,
Are you coming here for pics? Should I be scouring the countryside for places or do you have some place in mind. And, um, am I allowed to butt in on the photo session and have Caroline's 2 year pics taken too?

Jenna said...

I would also like to give a handclap to Kelly because I am LOVING these daily posts. Loving.