Monday, August 04, 2008

i would really love to post about my trip back to my hometown in full detail. but really? wasn't about me so much. all, really.

was about casey.

and her new baby.

and the fact that she delivered a baby right in front of my very eyes. and was a complete and total 100% HOSS. seriously. four pushes. and no vocal noises.

i know.

it's beyond me, really. me in all my c-section glory.

here's her story. from my point of view. and don't be prepared for anything eloquent. i canNOT do this event any amount of justice.

(i promise i won't go into detail. honestly, because i'm ready to go nighty night.)

she and martin had to be at the hospital at 6am. and because of hotel circumstances that occurred during the night, i was able to rise earlier than i had planned. (read: still picking the crusties out of the corners of my eyes.)

so i got ready and headed out of the door at the glorious hour of 4:54am. those of you who know me are shaking your head in true disbelief. kelly, i really was in the car at that hour.

and the whole time i just kept thinking about sweet casey and martin and the fact that they were about to welcome a new little peanut into their world. i was beyond ecstatic for them.

(not to mention casey ready to have "normal non-swelling, non-pregnant feet" again.)

so i got to the hospital at five o'clock with my journal. writing down thoughts and prayers i had for them.

heavenly father, i can only pray the very best for this day. that martin and casey would connect in a way only you could provide. that sweet baby would make his entrance in a safe way. that he would be healthy. that the staff would be kind to my friends and make them feel like this was their first baby.

and all the while, it was a brisk eighty-two degrees outside. at five o'clock in the freaking morning. granted, i doubt that's what they were thinking about. but geez.

and so they arrived. and began filling out paperwork. and more paperwork. and OH MY, MORE PAPERWORK.

and then things got started. IV started. blood drawn.

contractions started.

like before the epidural.

my friend casey? she likes herself some narcotics.

see? she was back in business. ahhh...much better.

things were going along fairly smoothly. and then that pesky blood pressure of hers decided to drop. or plummet, if you will.

things looked a little more grim than before.

but with a little oxygen, life got better again. though, we couldn't understand a word she said with that mask. (shhh...don't tell her, but we pretended like we could understand by just nodding our heads.)

and then all of the sudden, seems she was fully dilated and ready to meet little mr.

oh my word. this girl? uh-may-ZING. she pushed FOUR TIMES. (she says five. i say four. what does she know?)

and then? this little beauty began crying. that beautiful newborn cry. that made me do that adult female ugly cry.

meet samuel edwards. arrived at 1210pm on friday, august 1, 2008. (even though the room's STUPID clock read 1216pm. darn that clock.)

her SMALLEST baby weighing in at 8#6 and 19 1/2 inches long. smallest baby. head of hair.

mom and dad were elated.

daddy could NOT stop touching this little guy's hand. just couldn't. and why not?

and mama? head over heels in love.

and me? so honored to even call casey and martin friends. so glad to meet samuel. and so privileged to be a part of this miracle called life. praise Jesus for a wonderful day.

love you, guys. thanks for letting me share in your joy.


Jenna said...

To quote my friend, JW...

"uh may ZING"

All of it. The experience, the sweet sweet friends, and the AWESOME pictures. Loved it all. Thanks for sharing. :)

R said...

"in all my c-section glory"--HA! me too! :0) you made me giggle.

and you went into ugly cry at the first sounds of a baby other than your own? good--that makes me feel normal then. :0) i can't get through that p&w song "in Christ alone" anymore when they get to that part

"from life's first cry
to final breath"...

it makes me think of my girls when i first heard them. :0)

Kelly from Montana said...

i love you! buy your ticket;) you are amazing too - great documenting and such a tribute to the love and miracles God provides for us!

pamdill said...

I didn't remember it going that fast!!! Thank you for being here and for being you - we love you! Mom
ps - you forgot to mention the life-saving sausage biscuit:)

Erica said...

Great pics. What an amazing gift to them.

Chrys and Mike said...

oh, you've got me bawling now. ugly cries.

i'm trying to figure out if i knew her in b??


Casey said...

your account...way more entertaining than mine. totally printing this entry for his baby book. :)

really...thank YOU for being there. thank you for capturing this miracle in our lives in such a unique way. we are SO grateful!

love you...

Totally Rad said...

tears. that just won't go away. here at my desk at work. nice.

i absolutely love that you were there to capture this moment for your sweet friend. the pictures are gorgeous - as is casey.

why is it that some folks look absolutely gorgeous giving birth and some of look like we were run over by an eighteen wheeler?

Janelle said...

Oh, Janet.

Sweet, sweet Janet.

What a priviledge for you. I can tell you were honored beyond your wildest dreams!

You are so cool!

kimberly said...

janet, these pictures are amazing! i wish i had those moments with my kids captured like that!