Sunday, August 24, 2008

can't stay long

i have tv watch and covers to be under.

but here's the deal.

someone. anyone. give me feedback on when you go to the grocery store.

because i've decided that when buz and i win the lottery or get rich, the FIRST thing i'm going to do is hire someone to go to the grocery store to buy groceries.

because OH. MY. GOODNESS.



i menu plan far in advance. usually, i go once every two weeks. i buy food for two weeks of meals. but sometimes i have to go back to the farmers' market to get more produce.

but i decided i might try going once a week. just getting one week's worth of food including my weekly trip to the market.

so i went tonight. sunday night.

when the store apparently gets restocked.

(read: they are out of everything. like garlic. and milk.)

oh, and this grocery store? remodeling. i'm pulling my hair out as i type this.

and one main line of lights was about to burn out. which meant flickering. lots and lots and flickering.

and lately big h has wanted to go grocery shopping with me. at night. once goo is asleep. it's actually kind of fun.

but last time he said, "mama, this grocery work is so tiring. can you drop me off at home?"

i second that, kid.

so again...when do you do the grocery shopping? and if you say with your kids, well, then your answer doesn't count.

i've gotta head to bed.


Chrys and Mike said...

my answer doesn't count.

but, good for you that:
1. you menu plan. impressive!
2. you go to the farmer's market! love it! (can you tell that i'm reading animal, vegetable, miracle right now??)
3. your grocery store is being remodeled...that means it will look awesome before you know it.

that is all.


Anonymous said...

I usually go on Saturday nights after T gets home from work or on Monday nights on my way home from work.

The only time I take The Bean with me is if I know it will be a quick run in to pick up a gallon of milk or something like that. I refuse to do marathon trips with her. I also have quit going to super wal-mart, because, well, I like my sanity.

I love big h's quote. I wish I could be dropped off sometimes too!

Colored With Memories said...

I like to grocery shop ALONE around 10PM...and am usually there with all the stockers...extra help if I can't find good exercise weaving around all the pallets and boxes.

My second option is to go before dinner with ONE child.

The best option is to write a detailed list and send Jerry with one or BOTH kids. I just know I better not complain when he brings home a few things not on our list and forgets a few that were.

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I've lurked for a bit, but have yet to comment, so why not add my 2 cents at the grocery store?

Once upon a time I was pregnant with a little boy who made me very very ill. I could not enter a grocery store without throwing up or feeling like I might at any moment. Therefore I passed off this duty to my darling husband and even though that little boy is now three my husband is still the grocery man! He usually goes on Saturday or Sunday afternoons with that that three year old guy. Nothing like male bonding at the grocery store!

We do sit down and do the list together with the Kroger ad. He would not be able to do this task without a good list and a basic menu plan.

I wonder if when I get rich if the person I hire to clean my house would also do the shopping? hhmmm

Aimee said...

I do take Bay with me so my answer doesn't count. BUT I'm giving it to you anyway!

I go Monday morning. Just once a week. I plan my meals - I even put a weekly menu on the fridge so Greg knows what we are having and to avoid eating the same thing for lunch!

Penelope said...

Jake likes to go with me, too. We usually go in the evening. I try hard to plan the menus in time to go Saturday evening b.c, its true, they are out of EVERYTHING on Sunday. You would think they would just order MORE! As I was leaving Tulsa, I heard of a service that charged you $10 smacks to deliver your groceries to your house....worth EVERY CENT if you asked me. Great business op!!!

Janelle said...

In my dream world, I like to go without kids. But since I live this reality...I usually do have 1 or two with me. Never three. Oh my heavens, that would be the death of me.

Ideally, I go when the two oldest are in school before I pick up Loulabelle.

The grocery shopping isn't what puts me over the edge. It's the packing and unpacking the car. Then the task of organizing when I get home. YUCK.

When you get right down to it, it is rather ridiculous. Pack the cart, unpack the cart, pack the cart, unpack the cart, pack your car, unpack your car. I don't like repetitive chores.

R said...

i don't have a set day that i usually go. i wish i did, but it never works that way. i go late morning, as soon as the kids have had breakfast. it's not as busy, and the people that ARE in there are moms like me. so we get each other. :0)

or another great thing is to go at about 2:30 or so if your kids aren't napping. then all the school moms are on their way to pick up. it's almost deserted at that hour! but you have to be quick to beat them--they may be headed there when they pull out of the carpool line, and then you run the risk of catching the after-work crowd, too.

ok, i take my kids most of the time, so my answer doesn't count anyway. but i'm not scared--i still posted! haha

i just can't bear using free alone time to grocery shop. so i do it "on the clock". i let m hold the list, and she also holds some items for me or drops them in the basket to "help me". which appeases her most of the time.

that, and a trip to the seafood section to visit the "lom-stuhs" (lobsters). if she's good, she gets to go see her beloved lobsters.

who knew i had so much to say on the subject??

Jill said...

Well, my answer won't count either because I go with Mr. G and I must say that while I used to dread going with him, it has turned out to be probably the most educational experience for him (and me, too) lessons and typcial educational stuff. We'll see what I think when I have two little munchkins to cart around, huh?

We usually go Monday or Tuesday mornings and things seem well stocked. We go about 1 1/2 hours after breakfast, I give him snack money & we go straight to the snack bar (which he thinks is TOTALLY cool) and then I get about 1/2 of my shopping done while he's in the cart. Then, the second 1/2 isn't so bad and he loves to help.

I've tried going on the weekends but oh my, the crazies are out in packs. (Kidding, kind of.) I agree with others that if you go during the weekday you are there with other mommas and usually they're totally understanding.

For instance, if you shop at Super Target and your kid wants to pick out a tricycle to ride around during the WHOLE shopping trip, people don't give you dirty looks but instead (because they're mommas) cheer you on and shout "Great idea!".

Hope you find your fit!!

Ani said...

i actually enjoy grocery shopping, but i suck at list making, so i'm usually store bound for an extra trip each week. i do my shopping with kid in tow, but my 3 year old LOVES grocery shopping, he points out all the cool, colorful stuff on the shelves. needless to say we've come home with superflous items more than once... that is, if you consider o.reo cake.sters superflous.

Alana said...

Oh man. Sunday nights are the worst. I second that. I usually try to go while kiddos are in school or in the evening. Don't really have a set plan...maybe I should look into that? said...

i hate grocery shopping. mark does it :o) what a guy!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I go at night, after the kids are down, usually at about 8. Because I aimed for 6 and didn't leave till 8. Or 9. And I swear I don't get home till 11pm.

Sometimes i go later. I play the grocery game and I can't tell you how many times I have worried I would not make the midnight price change cut off at the register.

It's nuts. It's stupid. But to me, Kroger is like a time warp.