Friday, August 15, 2008

um, yeah, my babysitter?

is freaking BREATH. TAKING.

oh. my. word.


oh. my. word.

so i've spoken of my super rock star babysitter perhaps once or twice? and if not more than thirty-six times, well then shame on me.

she has this ease with my children. big h is always like, "oh hey J, what's up? don't mind me. i'm just watching a little max and ruby. oh this shirt? this old thing? i just happened to throw it on (when i heard you were coming over)."

and goo? well. you know goo by now. she's indifferent to pretty much everything. so she throws out the peace sign to her j-dog and gets back to coloring on the front door or fireplace or television or herself. with sharpies.

and just in case you're you most certainly CAN NOT have her phone number. she's ours. and we're possessive.

but today? i had possibly the coolest opportunity ever. she is a senior this year.

(cue the sound of me crying)

and i got to take her senior portraits.

(and i should say. senior portraits have changed drastically since i was a senior. in my laura ashley floral sundress. and matching headband or bow. and navy heels. also with bows.)

and besides being cute, witty, smart, disciplined (she runs cross country every morning at 6am), cool (with all her texting and whatnot), loving, gentle, etc., etc., she is extraordinarily beautiful.

oh, you want proof, do you?

well, see for yourself.

told ya.


Janelle said...

Is she busy next Friday??? I could sure use a babysitter like her.

Senior pictures aren't the only things that have changed. Did you know they don't dye their shoes for Prom anymore? This is new information for me.

Unknown said...

She is pretty - darn those 18 year olds!

The pics are FABULOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful pics, Jan!!! senior pics are way more hip now. She is gorgeous!

Alana said...

Well hello stranger! That is you talking to me. Seriously, what is my problem? I've been such a blogging dud lately. Hoping to get back into the swing. Love the photos as usual! Wishing we could have lunch together again!

Kelly from Montana said...

she is a great subject but your talents are amazing as well! great job!

Penny said...

beautiful pics, jan!!! she is lucky to have you! said...

these are awe.some! i love the contrast in #2. i love to see your photo work since you were the one that initially inspired me :o)

Marina said...

I miss your picture taking ability- can you head over to England in early dec for my xamas shots

Anonymous said...

1) i want to go back in time and redo my senior pictures to make me look both cool and beautiful (instead of fake and hopelessly big-haired) as these do.

2) i want you to take my redo's instead of gittings portraiture.

the pictures themselves are gorgeous, janet. you just rocked my face off.

3) she IS gorgeous! the blue eyes, the freckles and that "no effort needed" beauty... oh to be 18... her 18 not mine.

thanks for sharing!

Nicole - Life in Progress said...

I wish you lived closer so you could take pictures of my girls! And yes, she is beautiful.....gotta love having a go-to babysitter that your kids love. What a blessing!

Ani said...

beautiful girl, beautiful pics...
no wonder big h is in love ;)

Colored With Memories said...

she is beautiful...but the photographer's talent stands out as well too!

awesome pics!

the babysitter sorry!

my neighbor has 7 kids...4 when one gets too old, there is another one waiting in the that awesome or what?

and they are home during the day! there are a couple of houses for sale over here...

Missy said...

She is way cute.

We have some beautiful girls who babysit for us sometimes. 14, and drop dead gorgeous.

14 year old girls, they ain't what they used to be.

When they first came, I was showing them Shep's room. He walked in, was so blown away by their statuesque beauty, he took one look at them and hid under his bed!

Just....can't....compute....take cover!!!

Heather said...

Love, love, love your blog, too. You are an exceptional photographer, by the way. I sooo need some lessons. And your kids would steal her if they could!