Tuesday, August 26, 2008

light at the end

there's a reason this blog has been dry lately.

this girl?

she's two.

oh. my. word is she two.

and you know what? there's a reason i didn't blog when big h was two. because i was a peach to be around. and so was he.

or not.

and lately? i'm surprised i still have friends, really. because whew. the grey hairs are popping up all over the place. because of her.

and in case you didn't know. it's still summer. and will be for a long time. which just might have something to do with my sour, pitiful mood.

but college football starts soon. there's some hope.

but here is what has been going on around here.

everyone i know has a kid going to kindergarten. seriously. everyone i know. or so it seems. (don't you agree?)

big h is starts his last year of preschool next thursday. five days a week. big kid. it won't hit me until the second day in a row.

(for the record, this is a picture of big h's FIRST popsicle. ever. i know. he's a different one, that big h.)

but the day he starts? is the same day goo starts.

heaven help those teachers.

she's only going once a week. and those other four days? i'm thinking she may not like leaving the building without big h. just a hunch.

yesterday was interesting. we're noticing new things about goo left and right. first of all, her vocabulary is CRAZY. we NEVER had this with big h -- the "normal" development in the area of speech. i know. you can't believe it. but she is repeating things all the time. and it has been so fun to watch her do so. and most of the things she repeats are things that big h says. so we've been talking to him so much lately about setting a good example for her. and he takes this job VERY seriously.

oh, the things he says to her. hilarious. like, when he said the other day, "sweetheart. i'm sorry, but that is not ok for you because it is dangerous. i'm so sorry but i want you to make a good choice, goo. ok? show me how you can make a good choice."

i was dying.

anyway...yesterday. we walked to the local mcdonalds. it's close enough. i thought it would be nice to walk. hot outside, but we could get there, eat lunch, and play at the play area. all was well. didn't have the double stroller. just the single and the backpack. goo would have NO PART of the backpack. but big h would. so i walked for a while with him on it until i could go NO MORE. on the way home, goo fell asleep in the stroller.

(i'd like to add that it wasn't just hot. it was blistering hot with one kid telling me how hot it was. and i felt like i hadn't showered in two weeks. it was hot. don't let my one mention steer you from the hard facts. it was really hot. not sure why i decided to walk to freaking mcdonalds.)

so i did the lift and lay. she cried for a minute but then was quiet. i thought i had succeeded. so big h and i snuggled on my bed and fell asleep together. bliss.

apparently, goo was NOT asleep. when i walked in, i noticed there was a shadow on the wall by her crib.

and so.

i said to myself. "please, Lord, let it NOT be poop. let it not be poop."

i turned the light on. and oh my word. both walls (her crib's in the corner) were/still are COVERED in red crayon. nice. no amount of magic eraser will get that stuff off. (pictures to come later. camera is in her room.)

and so... i think we will repaint.

new year. new room.

my birthday? was ok. i played with a friend and her children instead of going to the play care. great friend. still should've gone to the play care for an hour or two. did go on a date with buz. who continues to be as dreamy as ever. had dinner and then just walked around a couple of stores. perfect.

and you know what buz got me for my birthday? this. freaking awesome.

and the best part of my day today? watching buz do the hula and kick some tail at it.

hope all of you with sweet little ones in kindergarten are surviving emotionally. know that i'm thinking about you.


Chrys and Mike said...

i want to have a perfect little girl child. and then i want to put her under a red and pink umbrella. in front of some greenery. and have you take pictures of her.




p.s. lest h feel left out, that last pic is WOW. his hair?? the perfect shade.

p.p.s. your children are breathtaking. seriously.

Anonymous said...

She is SO adorable! I always say to my husband what a good thing it is that God made them cute when they are so little. They might not survive otherwise. I feel safe in saying I'm not the only parent who has felt that way.

As horrible as red crayon is, I also would be so relieved that it isn't poop. At least with crayon, you don't feel like you have to hose everything down with clorox to kill any bacteria down to the last molecule.

Looks like the popsicles were a hit!

R said...

i KNOW! seems like all my buddies have new kindergarteners too.

and the whole "2" thing? i was thinking that since m's turning 3 in two months that maybe we'd be exiting the 2 mentality soon, but the end of that tunnel still seems pretty dang dark!

Aimee said...

Are two's really that bad?!?!?! I'm scared! Bay will be 2-ish when the new baby arrives! EEK! What was I thinking????

Big H and Goo are too cute for words!

Aimee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aimee said...

That crazy deleted comment is from me. I accidentally hit the post button twice. I thought if I deleted it, it wouldn't show up. But I guess it still does. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love Big H's chat with goo. He so rocks. Makes me think of my own brother...or not. He's great now, don't get me wrong, justnotsomuch when we were little.

and wiifit!? so friggin' awesome!

Marino said...

Okay, so if you are ever tired of that adorable little Goo...send her on down to San Antonio...oh my word she is one beautiful girl!!! And, Big H what a sweet big brother is he....love love love your kids! Just wished we lived closer to all hang out more...

Marina said...

Love the umbrella photo -too darn cute! Can you believe H is in school 5 days a week! So is CJ-wish we could do lunch- might be able to do a virtual lunch date

j.ro said...

big brothers are the best!

and i guess it wasn't poo :o)

Janelle said...

Walking to McD's. Late August. In Texas. Who are you?

Also, don't believe a word you said about Goo. She is too precious to be naughty! :)

Life In Progress said...

Happy Birthday! And Maggiano's? Oh, I love me some Maggiano's - have you had their stuffed mushrooms? They will change your life. Yum. Wish we could go together and talk about the twoness of our girls. Charlotte's still a month away, but oh, the twoness, it has arrived!

And red crayon? That sucks, but it's way better than poop. Good luck with that.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oooooo. You have just made me thankful for all my poop stories.

We now only allow washable crayons in the house because we also have some artwork on our walls.

Penelope said...

i so feel your pain with #2 and the age of 2. Luke started last week and I sort of tip-toe in the room and survey the teachers reaction to me before i ask how he did....i do pray for those teachers, too! funny. weren't we good kids? how did this happen?