Wednesday, September 03, 2008


well, i've read all of the kindergarten posts that i can read. and i was so cruising along, not thinking anything about my two little people. not thinking i'd be sad. not thinking any of this whole back to school stuff would phase me.

last night, buz and i had a 'date.' i use the term date loosely because we stopped at taco bueno for a quick bite and then we headed to big h and goo's parent orientation. after the general session, we split. buz headed to big h's 'session,' and i headed to goo's.

buz didn't give me a lot of detailed information. but he's a guy. he never gives me a lot of detail. but seeing as how this is his fourth year of preschool, we kind of know the drill.

as for goo's informational session, we had our share of the "moms who like to talk to hear themselves speak." more competition among the mommies. the same competition that several people have talked about. these mommies talking about how impressive their little darling's THREE AND A HALF HOUR NAP is. or how their little sweet pea is already potty trained at 25 months.

seriously. i'll admit it. i secretly rolled my eyes once. or two or six times.

(deep breath in. deep breath out.)

and i've been that gal who has been sharing encouragement lately. "it'll be ok. your little one will do great. preschool is awesome. yes, it's sad the first day. but your little precious will love it."

blah, blah, blah. today? was meet the teacher. and i caught myself once or twice getting a little misty-eyed.

surprisingly? i didn't take my camera. on purpose.

i know.

big h met his teacher first. really no big deal. these two women have very big shoes to fill. his teachers from last year set the bar. really, really high.

so he was cool. "hey, what's up? i'm big h. don't mind me. i'm just going to casually play with these toys. and stuff."

have i mentioned that somehow big h has a VERY chapped upper lip? very, very, very chapped. we have been keeping vitamin e on it for a couple of days. but i'm here to say. that first-day-of-school pictures tomorrow? will feature one of the two: 1) really, really red lips or 2) very, very shiny glossy lips.

but let the record state that big h has had a history of "things on his face" for big occasions.

for example. on school picture day (which i totally forgot about), big h was proudly wearing his gauze and athletic tape (per dr. g) covering the topical antibiotic for his infected mosquito bite.

(see him? second little boy from the left on the back row? with the thomas t-shirt? holding his hands together? that's my ALMOST FIVE-YEAR-OLD.)

good times.

then, we went to the playground to unleash about three months of energy. some girl pushed goo down onto the mulch.

goo pushed her back. and held her own.

oh, heaven help us.

i couldn't decide whether to high five her to showing that girl who was boss or hang my head in shame because i was the mom of "that little girl."

so we went to goo's meet the teacher. her teachers are DARLING. one of them was big h's spanish teacher from last year. he was so confused. SO confused.

goo was THE ONLY girl crying at the end of the little thirty minutes. she kept yelling "drink! drink!"

and some sweet mommy thought she wanted a pen on the counter. and goo.

my precious goo?

threw the pen on the floor and yelled "NO THANKS!"

nice. and four years ago, i thought i was going to have to worry about big h.

bless my heart.

tomorrow is big h's first day. friday is his second day and goo's first. it's also donut friday.

don't count on hearing from me that day. i will be very, very busy. :)


Colored With Memories said...

At least she was polite after throwing it!

Can't wait to see the first day pics...and I'm still waiting on the one of the red crayon everywhere!

Anonymous said...

oh j. i am so glad that you shared the pic of big h... and your emotions. what is it with the frickin' start of school?! SERIOUSLY.

ok, sorry to do that on your blog. but it's out now.

goo rocks. she'll have no trouble. and you my friend? are so cut out for being "that" mom.

i hope your today and tomorrow go smoothly and that big h and goo love being back/starting!

can't wait to hear more!

Jenna said...

I have said it before, I LOVE the Wisner kids. They rock school like it's nobody's business. And it goes without saying, their mama is AWESOME. :)

Aimee said...

Your kids are my heroes! They will do great!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I'm so familiar with the mommies-who-talk-because-they-like-to-hear-themselves-talk. They all started several years ago in one of my never-ending Monday night sorority meetings, and now they're all growed up with their own kids talking in preschool orientations, pta meetings, etc. Oh heavens!

Anonymous said...

You will be busy! I hope it all goes well. The Bean is still adjusting to her new routine. We're getting there I think.