Thursday, September 04, 2008

recap #1

i am tired. for no other reason than i have been thinking about how to perfectly get everyone out the door with as much enthusiasm as possible.

but not too much enthusiasm. you know big h. he doesn't do perkiness.

i prayed and prayed and prayed last night. i'm a mom. i stay up late thinking about and talking to Jesus about my sweet little people.

God had compassion on me. seriously.

this morning could not have gone ANY BETTER.

big h got up and wanted to cuddle.

let's just stop there for a moment.

anyway. goo still not awake. ???

so big h and i had breakfast. and he proceeded to check everything off his 'morning routine' checklist. the kid ADORES structure. adores it.

when i saw that it was getting close to leaving time, and goo STILL wasn't awake, i wasn't nervous. i took big h outside for a 'first day of school' picture. again, because i'm a mom. and that is what you're supposed to do.

even though this is the first time i have ever done it.

let's comment on this photo for a minute, shall we? the boy is shiverring. in september. in texas. people, it was a beautiful morning. in the SIXTIES. that's winter around here. hallelujah.

also, let's take note of the cinnamon roll. could not NOT bring it out there.

and why? why must boys make faces like these?

wait. what do you know? apparently, i did it once. his first day of mother's day out.

he was in a great mood. we talked to Jesus about giving us a great day. then, he wanted to carry his lunchbox. and of course, he had to look inside. and ruin the surprise i had in there for him. a note from me (even though he can't read) and a picture of our family.

i basically got goo out of bed and into the car with a cinnamon roll and some juice.

we got there, and he was so pumped about playing.

(it's ok. i know you clicked to enlarge. and you're dying to leave something in the comments section about if he is wearing anklets. no. those are batman socks. picked out by big h himself.)

and here is where the one tiny thing that went 'wrong' today comes in.

here is big h playing and getting ready to meet new friends.

see goo in the back? and the girl in the pink? the lovely, sweet, mild-mannered, meek little girl in pink?

she's the one who was goo's victim this morning.

bless her heart.

i was getting ready to take big h's picture with each of his teachers. when all of the sudden, from the other side of the room, i hear "uh, MINE! uh, MINE! help! help!"

of course, i think goo has fallen and hurt herself.

only not.

she is stealing a tea cup and saucer from sweet little girl in pink. who didn't know what hit her this morning.

so the beautiful goodbye i had in my head went a little differently. like mommy holding goo under her arm while she screamed "no! no! no!"

i barely hugged and kissed big h and told him i loved him, and we were out of there.

we'll see how tomorrow goes. when she picks on someone her own age.

when did i raise such a hoss?

who knows? but tomorrow i drop BOTH OF MY CHILDREN off. at the same time. for the same amount of time.

the two things on my to-do list?

drink a cup of coffee or two. and journal.

and maybe nap.

will probably nap.

pray for goo. actually, pray for the kids in goo's class.

and just for a little *humor*, i thought i'd throw this in.


Colored With Memories said...

Oh my! I think you better add to your list...paint the walls...RED! At least she stuck with the color theme. Cute nursery.

Hope day 2 for #1 and day 1 for #2 goes well...and that you get that nap!

Anonymous said...

Oh that Goo! I was going to say paint the walls read too :)
How ironic that she would choose red.

Good luck today, I'll be thinking of Goo's classmates and hoping for the best ;-) Sweet princess....

Life In Progress said...

Caroline just saw the pictures of goo's "art" and said, "Oh, that's a mistake for her. She's gonna be mad!" "Who will be mad?" I ask. "Her mom."

So, I guess that tells you how well I would have handled finding red crayon on the wall.

On the upside, the red does coordinate nicely with the decor. BTW, our nursery bedding is pretty much the exact same as yours.

wads and bob said...

That last picture is absolutely priceless. Hope you enjoyed yourself today!

Aimee said...

Glad to hear the morning went(pretty) smoothly. And Goo is too cute - she's an artist in training!!! said...

i love the goo in her striped pjs!

Kelly from Montana said...

home girl is tough! time to paint her room red for the "bloods" i suppose?

Chrys and Mike said...

oh my.

"i am a child of God...with a red crayola!"

please stop making me laugh so hard, janet. if i wake my children up b/c of this post i am going to call you so you can join in the fun.

oh, tears.


Chrys and Mike said...

goo needs to read this:


Janelle said...

"i stay up late thinking about and talking to Jesus about my sweet little people."

Nuf said.

I like you more and more everyday!