Thursday, September 11, 2008

just another thursday night

so i cleaned out my purse again tonight.

i'm often amazed how my purse and my car can get so dirty and cluttered in such a short amount of time.

oh right. big h. goo.

anyway, my take along camera was in there, and i don't remember the last time i took a picture, so i decided to download whatever was on there to the computer.

and i SO enjoyed what i found. so i thought i'd share some with you. nothing that exciting or life-changing. just a little bit of everyday around here.

isn't this exciting?

goo's first pair of pig tails. hi. i'll have the angel hair pasta. and one of goo. to go, please.

goo doing the dishes. our little *helper.* or not, really.

my 7-layer salad that i love to fix. it's delicious. and besides -- it's gorgeous. (i'd give you the recipe, but it's a little self-explanatory.)

when did my daughter turn into a bag lady? her plastic bracelet. her Amish-looking dress that i (should not have) purchased at a consignment sale last spring. her boots. on the wrong feet.

clearly, big h struggles with excitement. sometimes, he's like so mellow.

and really. that's about it for now. thanks for stopping by.

oh. and i got an iTunes gift card for my birthday. i need suggestions. anything from top 40 (what they used to call "current" music in my day), christian, worship, country, you name it. i am in desperate need of some new stuff. even my iPod is bored.

thanks in advance.


Janelle said...

Those boots are kickin.

That smile is contagious.

The salad looks amazing.

Jenna said...

Goo. What can I even say?? The girl has got precious in the bag.

And Big H. We really need to find some ways to get him pumped up about preschool.

Love the new header! And love you, friend!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pigtails! The purple ribbon is a great touch.

Kelly from Montana said...

music you might already have...
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Jack Johnson could listen to all day long - nice and mellow

Anonymous said...

i second kelly on jason mraz. everything on the new album: "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things" is wonderful.

more mellow: The Weepies both "Say I am You" and "Hideaway."

love your kiddos.

Anonymous said...

...and matt costa "Songs we Sing"

Colored With Memories said...

I'm no good for music suggestions.

Just commenting on your 7 layer salad. I may have to change up my ingredients after seeing your picture. In my family it has always been made minus the egg, tomato and olives...instead w/mayo, red onion, and celery.

Weird, huh?

Ani said...

we do green onions in our 7 layer salad, and chopped egg...

love, love, love the pigtails. that is one cutie pie.

Alana said...

I just love goo in her little galoshes. And the pigtails. You're killing me here!

Life In Progress said...

Um, HELLO? Thought you said you couldn't do the pigtails? Yeah....I do believe that is goo rockin' the pigtails in that first shot. So stinkin' cute!

Life In Progress said...

Oh, and I'll be over later for some of that salad. YUM.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

two words: Derek. Webb.

I think you will dig him. His lyrics make you go ouch.