Friday, September 05, 2008

recap #2

so today was goo's first day.

i so planned to get up early, take a shower before the kids were awake, prepare everything that needed to go into bags. basically...amaze even myself.

the shower didn't get taken. which was good. because i was sweating from all my nerves.

lunches got packed. but the stipulations on the method of packing the lunch for goo was pretty strict. (no ziplocs. no cheese sticks. no juice boxes. basically, they prefer you use a divided rubbermaid, which they provided.) by nature, i am a rule follower. dorky, i know. have always been like that. so i wanted to pack her lunch perfectly.

i know. i'm a peach to live with.

and thanks to Sunni, i decided to make first-day-of-school gifts.

and, of course, it just happened to be Donut Friday too.

because i wasn't already worried about being prompt.

but we did great. big h got dressed quickly. goo was fine with everything. we headed to the donut shop but ate in the car. i refused to let myself be late to the first day of school.

we got there and were greeted by big h's best school friends. L and L. twins. mom is rad. and goo knows them really well too. even better.

we headed inside and waited for the doors to open. goo put her mat and sleeping bag in the bin outside the door.

i said as loud as i could (with all of the commotion in the background), "i love you, goo. have a great day."

home girl didn't even turn back.

and that was it.

then, i dropped big h off. he was way pumped to get inside.

and then, i walked to the car. seriously not knowing what to do with myself. having not been by myself in FOUR YEARS.

i took one of the longest showers i have ever taken. fixed some coffee to go. headed to one of the most barren malls near my house and the school. found a really comfy chair. and plopped myself into it for THREE HOURS.

i wrote letters to big h and the goo. talked on the phone for a while. clipped coupons. watched people. watched mommies with their children in strollers. and for several hours, looked at them as though they were foreign. it was weird to be out in the middle of the day. without my children.

and all i could do was think about both of them. and smile.

i got some lunch. and ate it really slowly. and surprisingly did NOT get heartburn. walked into two stores.

and then...i couldn't wait. i had to go so that hopefully i could get there a little early. to peek in on my goo.

i peeked. she was standing on a stool next to one of the teachers. washing her hands. by herself.

and all of the sudden, she looked like she was five.

oh. and by the way. she was THE CUTEST girl in her class today. and yes, i am TOTALLY 100% biased.

i got her first. she gave me the biggest hug i have ever received. and don't mind me. i cried.

and then we went to pick up big h. right across the hall. all four feet of it. and the reunion of those two?

i'm still crying, just so you know.

um, big h's comment when we got in the car? "mama. i'd like to have some skechers. they're shoes that light up. mason has some. how many dollars are skechers? because i'd really like to have some."

oh no. it's already starting. and i just thought he didn't pay attention.

i talked to her teachers, and they said she did great. ate lunch. loved the pretzels at snack time. played in the sandbox with a boy. (you go, goo.) napped on her mat. listened attentively and sat still at story time.


come again?

sat still and listened attentively? goo?

miracle workers. that's what preschool teachers are. they're MIRACLE WORKERS.

we went for ice cream and then to mcdonalds for some playing.

good times had by all.


Amy Olivarez said...

SO happy it went well!!!! The pressure of school mornings--who knew? I DESPISE getting up at 5:45 EVERY day of the week to get myself and everyone else ready this year---I LOVE to sleep but I do it with a smile and CANNOT wait for summer!!! Glad you got some time to yourself too!!!
Amy O.

Anonymous said...

What great first days for both of them! I love it. Enjoy those quiet mornings! Great photos. The last ones of each of your recap posts are adorable!

Thanks for the prayers. You said it when you said parenting is NOT for wimps! I'll be glad when we make it to the other side.

Aimee said...

YEA!!! It sounds like Goo had a great day - and so did you.

And I'm sure Goo was the cutest girl in school that day!!!

Blessing Counter said...

Just found your site -- love this post! You sound like me -- a mom of four who is also a rule follower and even though my big kids (triplets) are 11, I still miss them like crazy all the school day long! Thank goodness for the little 2 yr old who God sent for days such as this! :)
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i could eat goo up with her pink blankie and adorable shirt! and, oh my, the smile on big h. heartbreaker!

i teared up reading this and knowing how you felt in the hall - hugging goo - you know i have no reference on the sibling stuff.

thrilled for you and for the alone time!

Alana said...

I have so been enjoying these last few posts! I'm so glad she had a good first day. Isn't alone time heavenly? I remember being giddily happy last year once I realized how AWESOME it was going to be to have a little alone time. Enjoy it! said...

that last photo is gorgeous!

Janelle said...

That last picture screams..."FRAME ME!"

Janelle said...

Oh. And those little pink sneakers. Someday she will thank you.

I could eat her up!