Monday, August 11, 2008

sweet buz

so i've clearly documented my undying love for my husband here once or twice or eighty-two times.

but tonight? well God love him. he just couldn't be any cuter.

he's at game stop. in line for his 'voucher' to be able to purchase madden 2009 at midnight.

have i mentioned that my husband is the early to bed, early to rise guy in our house?

yeah, well, i'm not sure if i can remember the last time (other than the occasional new year's eve) that he has stayed up past 10.

and his man crush? traitor. seriously. we both have crushes on brett. and now he's in freaking new york city? playing for the jets? seriously? you sold out, dude. you're supposed to be inducted into the hall of fame leaving the team that helped you achieve your greatness. the packers, man.

to say we're disappointed is a bit of an understatement.

another understatement? to say that apparently we have nothing else going on.

buz is taking our camera to try to capture some of his evening. i am so proud of him.

sad that i will still be awake when he returns.


Chrys and Mike said...

cracking me up.


Colored With Memories said...

speaking of you guys' y'all have ties to WI?

just curious b/c i have a ton of family cheeseheads.

one of which...I AM NOT.

GO COWBOYS! even if though I consider it a sell out that they moved even to arlington.

Janelle said...

Fess up. It was your idea for the camera, right? Whatever it takes for the blog.

Hope he has fun!