Friday, January 23, 2009

friday january 23 2009

fridays. i'll be honest. they are tough in the mornings.

don't laugh when you read this. because i have no doubt your morning is just as rough, if not worse.

we get up.

let's just stop there. goo is a FANTASTIC sleeper. she normally sleeps until 8 in the morning. i know. we're blessed.

she wakes up like i do. slow and groggy and likes her covers. big h, however, springs out of bed like a kangaroo. just like his daddy. chatty kathy. wants to talk about everything. wants to rip the covers off of you and order you to the kitchen to make him some breakfast.

this little guy is one chipper kiddo early in the morning.

just making note of the differences between kids.

anyhoo...making sure big h is up and awake? no problem. goo? different story.

must shower before i go get her. basically, i get them up and dressed, lunches packed, shoes on and tied, bow or some form of accessory into goo's hair, and goo's school bag restocked with fresh diapers for the day. now, before some of you go and knock the whole "hair accessory thing." let me share with you. i'll be honest, i didn't think i would be a mom who would put bows in her daughter's hair. but alas, i am. and i love it. we still haven't gotten a good way to do so. she always looks a bit 80s with her "high side pony" and all. but barrettes don't stay in very well or for very long.

all this to say...getting something in her hair to keep her hair out of her face is crucial. seriously.

and we have to do all of this and get into the car 45 minutes before school starts. because as you might remember, friday is Donut Friday. we head to the donut place, get our donuts, eat them in the car on the way, and head to school. and we have to leave 45 minutes before to make sure we get there on time.


now that i'm trying to post a picture a day, why are my posts all of the sudden so detailed and frankly quite boring? i'm snoozing just writing. sorry. it's way more exciting in my head, if that's any consolation.

anyway, we did it. this morning, everything was clock work. clothes on, hair brushed, shoes on, lunches packed, library books packed for return, bag restocked with diapers.

and we were happy.

which is really the icing on the cake.

donuts? done. successful drop off for the goo? done. always successful drop off for big h? done.

and now it was time for me to go hang out with one of my buddies.

i have to say...we did a little less chatting and a lot more practicing and learning. but this girl is way fun. heather, i had such an awesome day. can't wait to hang out again soon.

and then, i picked up my little people. and we headed home. big h didn't feel so well, so all three curled up on the couch and watched a movie together until buz came home.

and then we headed out for dinner. which was delicious. goo and big h got pizza, but goo ended up eating my greek pasta. (my mom would love to know that. because apparently, i did that too when i was little.)

then, we headed outside to play on the playground. they both had such an awesome time.

we came home and played for a little while before bath time. buz and i were talking to each other when big h came in saying, "um, i don't want to taddle, but you should probably come in big room and look at your daughter."

for the record, i love when he refers to her as our daughter.

and we arrived on the scene where a certain two-and-a-half-year-old had colored ALL OVER HERSELF with marker.

i got a picture with my point and shoot, but the battery died right after. so you'll see those pictures later.

oh my.

bath time, jammies, stories, and bedtime. and it's friday, so we have daddy all to ourselves for the weekend. not to mention that my dad is coming over tomorrow night to babysit, and buz and i are having a date. yipee.

BPMD? when we were reading stories right before bedtime, goo took the goodnight moon book out of my hands and said she wanted to read it.

um, ok. you barely talk. but sure. go ahead.

and in her sweet little 'marilyn monroe's happy birthday, mr. president' voice, she read the whole book. pointing at each picture, saying, "no night yittle mouse. squeak squeak. no night uh house. no night comb. no night bush. no night bowl mush."

i won't lie. i cried right there on the floor of big h's room.

my little girl is getting big.

buz took the pictures tonight while i was inside getting our after dinner snacks.

goo and her no fear. greek pasta with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives.

loving it. i know this is a family-friendly blog. so i apologize for my undergarment showing. i'm so racy.

i don't even know what to say. other than the fact that he makes this face often. scary.

deer in headlights?


R said...

i love it. all of it! keep it coming. no zzzzz's here! i love to read the everyday. i just wish i'd write about it! it's really rich stuff, and i know my children would love to have it to read someday... ;0)

R said...

i forgot to's almost 1AM. why are we still up, sister? :0)

Anonymous said...

I only wish The Bean would leave bow and ponys in her hair. I keep attempting, but she takes them out, and I never see them again. Enjoy the hairdos!

Kelly from Montana said...

love your hair like that - so sassy i didn't even notice the sexy camisole! and please save those awesome striped socks for lizzy;) i love them!!!

Jenna said...

I'm sorry if you fell asleep while writing, because I was thoroughly entertained! I love knowing the goings-on of your cute family. And I BEYOND loved all the pictures.

The one with you laughing at goo? Find a frame, asap. :-) Love you friend!

Sarah said...

You need to teach Big H the chubby family. Hello, my name is Chubby, my mom is Chubby. . . you know. He already knows the face!

Beck said...

I love that you will always be the one who first put bows in my daughter's hair. Universe? Are you okay?

Also? The crying while Goo was reading? I so get that. I mean, I freakin' cried when you described her getting her finger bit!

In closing: I won't tell Jesus about your bra showing.

Kelly said...

These posts are not boring. At all. I am loving them. Sounds like a great day. Hope your weekend has been just as fun.

Marina said...

Love your consistency of donut fridays- hope you are taking H to the donut shop in high school

Kelly said...

Where are you??

Heather Thorne said...

aww - just saw this post after being sucked into your blog world post after post. You are so funny girl. Thanks for sharing a Friday afternoon with me to shoot and learn. Next time - more chatting for sure! You're a doll! :)