Sunday, January 18, 2009

sweet kennedy

kathy, one of my good buddies from back home, just had a baby about a month ago. i've known "kathy" for so long. and we've decided that we have no idea how/when we met. we're just glad we did. we never lived in the same city. but our hometown was the same, so we'd get together when we were both home. then, after grad school, i lived with my parents when i was looking for a job. and kathy and i reconnected. it was wonderful. we spent so much quality time together.

then, we both moved to dallas. but hardly ever saw each other. she was busy with her job and friends. and i was busy with my job and falling head over heels in love with buz.

about six years ago, kathy told me she was seeing someone. they have an amazing story.

they got married. and began trying to have a baby. after several years, they were finally pregnant and overjoyed with God's miracles.

and about five weeks ago, big h and i got to go to the hospital and meet this little punkin'. and oh my. she is a punkin. beautiful. and very, very loved.

so i went to their house about two weeks ago and loved on sweet kennedy, hung out with kathy and mark, stepped in dog doo, and hopefully captured a little bit of their life right now.

kathy and mark, hope you enjoy your little sneak peak. i had such a ball. she is beautiful.

seriously...can you get enough of this chair? i love it.

punkin' herself. just getting an early january tan. hey, it's texas.

mama gettin' some lovin'.


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful, Janet! I know your friend has to LOVE them!

Aimee said...

These are great pics! I HEART them! And baby Kennedy!

Chrys said...

LOVED seeing these! I am so happy for them!!!

Janelle said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You have such a masterful eye, my dear.