Friday, January 16, 2009

He is good

sometimes, i have those days where i just can't believe how God has blessed me. little 'ol me.

and i'm overwhelmed at the hugeness of it all. (for the record, i'm sure there is a better and more correct word for it, but i'm going with hugeness for now. because it just feels right.)

i feel like lately i have been in constant conversation with Him, and He continues to tell me in so many ways how much He loves me. oh man, i can't get enough of it. and the blessings all around me? they are plentiful.

both kids are at school. great morning. great drop off. great week this week.

this morning, i wore a long-sleeve t-shirt and a short-sleeve sweater with a big beaded necklace. i won't lie -- i worked it this morning. i have a tendency to do that on the two half days that i have the day to myself. big h told me as we were leaving to get in the car, "mama, you really yook beautiful in your vest thing. and that spiderman necklace is super cool."

(no, i did NOT wear a true spiderman necklace. though i would have had he asked me to. i'm smitten like that. the beads on my necklace have little black lines all over them. observant little man.)

everyday on the way to school, we talk to Jesus about our day and ask Him anything we want to ask Him and tell Him anything we want to tell Him. and this morning? big h said, "...and Jesus. thank you for this glllllllooooooorrrrrrious weather we're having this morning!"

i was sure it was going to be followed by a big hallelujah and some hand raising.

and goo has two favorite songs she likes to sing -- itsy bitsy spider and hokey pokey.

mental note -- must record for all to hear.

and no time now. but stay tuned...i went to kickboxing last night. and surely you know by now i am not a kickboxer. but i rocked it. (those of you who went...please don't comment otherwise.)

anyway. giving this week a big Amen to God for providing such joy for our little family. here's to a great weekend for all of you!


Amy said...

Too funny. I'm sure you were rockin' it. You probably should post a picture of the Spiderman necklace =) (I have a five year old boy - can relate).

Colored With Memories said...

kickboxing? i'm impressed!

i'm about to email you that dentist'd be worth the drive. plus, you could visit us afterward :)!

Janelle said...

I love the God shows us the little things He does just because He loves us.

You are so awesome...I love your fresh and honest perspective.

Kim said...

He is awesome isn't He. Praising Him for your blessings!

Kelly said...

Girl, I was there and you did rock it. Period. Actually we all did!! Your children and pictures are beautiful. I came home and told Justin how much I loved their names last night.

I am so glad that you commented and I came to your blog tonight. We all have so much to be thankful for and it is easy to overlook that sometimes and focus on the stresses of our lives. I am very guilty of that, especially lately, so thank you. I love that you and your kids talk to Jesus on the way to school. I am going to have to borrow that idea.

Hope to see you again soon!!