Wednesday, January 21, 2009

just what i needed

so, today kiddos were in school. dropped them off and headed down to see an old friend. wait, a former friend. no, that doesn't work.

a friend i haven't seen in a LONG TIME. there. that's better.

and whoa, it was SO what my little heart and soul needed. i had no agenda all day. so we sipped on some delicious coffee and talked. a lot.

oh, and we loved on her UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY five-month-old.

meet delicious little davy.

yummy, huh?

picked up my kiddos and played outside for a while. came home to find daddy already home. i don't know who was more excited -- kiddos or me. :)

played and played. dinner. bath. bed.

goo is nighty night. and big h and buz are playing some lego batman together. mmm...good times.

don't mind the WAY DARK photos. taken in big h's dungeon of a room at night. just his lamp on. and i have no flash on my camera.

goo pretending big h's lego is a rice krispy treat. no idea.

nightly/daily photo of big h. i will have PLENTY of these in 2009. trust me.


Courtney said...

The chub rolls on those legs are too much for me to handle. Way too cute.

amy kaye said...

lovin goo's thomas pjs.

aimee said...

Way cute!

aimee said...

Way cute!

Jenna said...

I want to take your children home with me. Or maybe just come to their home so I can also hang out with their awesome mama!

chrys said...

am loving davy's fat rolls and her baby legs. ahhhhhhhhhh...can't wait to see more pics!