Friday, January 16, 2009

wanna hear a mama bear roar?

then bite the crud out of her baby cub(ette)'s finger at the mall play area.

um, yeah. again, i promise i don't believe in the whole "jinxing myself" thing. but seriously. no sooner had i picked up my little people...

i picked up big h first. always fun. he gives great hugs. we then went across the hall to pick up goose. she was excited. big hugs. and then i went to grab her vinyl mat and sleeping mat. and she started whining. no idea. thought nothing of it. started getting the rest of her things (including the kitchen sink) ready and one of the teachers informed me that "our friend" (meaning goo) had displayed some "temper behavior."

and so it has happened. the first time in the history of the wisner kids that i have had what i call a negative teacher report. bummer. she said they talked to her several times about using her words and being sweet to her friends.

oh. my. word.

one of a mom's worst fears.

then, she would not let me put her down. not to get her bag or mat or other mat. not to get big h's bag or his mat. nothing. so i let big h stay with his teachers for a minute while she and i went to the car to load up all of the stuff. came back inside and got big h and her mat. and talked to the teachers for a minute more. they said that several of the children are going through a tough time right now. middle of the year. 2 1/2-year-olds being just that. so that reassured me. a little.

we got in the car. and all of the sudden, she said from the back, "i am happy now, mama."

good to know.

went to a mall with some friends from school (since it was cold outside), and she was just whiny and sad. wouldn't play. every so often she would play on one thing. but then she would come and sit with me and whimper. i ran into bath and body works really quickly, and when i came back, goo was sitting on my friend's lap and my friend was rocking her.

finally, towards the end of our playtime, i heard goo yelling, "NO PUSH. NO PUSH."

i looked over and saw a little boy trying to push her off a little 2-foot slide. i watched her and was so proud of her using her words. i decided i would watch from my seat and see how she handled it. he pushed her again, and she repeated herself. he finally pushed her one more time, and she almost fell off. this time, she yelled so loudly, "NO PUSHING, BOY! NO PUSHING!"

and then it happened.

the little punk BIT HER.

bit the crap out of her finger. punctured the skin in two places and it started bleeding.

i just held her. the mom came and got the boy and sheepishly said "sorry" and walked off.

while i was holding goo and loving on her, i saw that there were three mommies who had seen it more up close than me. i asked them if goo had instigated any of it. i told them it wouldn't hurt my feelings but i really needed their honesty. one of them laughed saying, "she really did great just saying don't push." the other two agreed and said the only thing she did was tell him not to push.

the mom left in a hurry.

you know...i don't have much of a backbone. until you mess with my family.

luckily, my friend is a nurse. so i asked her what i should do about the bite. she said to take her home, wash it with soap and water, cover it in neosporin, and put a band aid on it for the night.

i knew buz was going to be getting home really late tonight. so the three of us went home, got in our jammies, fixed leftover pizza, doctored up goo's "wound," watched a movie on the couch under blankies, and hit the hay.

wasn't i just talking about what a marvelous day this was?

my poor goo.

hopefully tomorrow we'll stay in.

(as i was finishing up writing this, i checked in on sweet kelly who is having her little baby today. and read some sad news. please be praying for her, her husband, and her family. this is one incredible woman of God. i don't know her from adam, and she doesn't know me. but i have seen the Lord do amazing things in her life. she needs our prayers.)


Jenna said...

So, yeah.

I just bought my ticket, and I am on my way to your house.

We are going to find that little biting punk if it's the last thing we do! :-)

Poor goo - I am so sorry that happened!!!

(And thanks for posting about Kelly. My heart is really breaking, but God is in control - we do know that.)

Love you, friend.

Janelle said...

Oh, that just stinks! Absolutely no fair for her trying to tell him no and then getting hurt.

No fair. No fair.

Colored With Memories said...

punctured and bleeding? that is way bad!

hope goo is better soon...and that she doesn't decide to start biting now...

our only experience with biting has been with lily...but she only bit herself...yes, very disturbing. thankfully it was a short spell!

R said...

ooooo, GIRL! you should see my cheeks right now--they're flamin', and it wasn't even my child! :0) that's the main reason i don't like play areas and all that...some kids just can't handle it.

rosie's been trying to bite M a lot lately when she feels threatened. she's never really "bitten"; she just will put her mouth on M. but i'm getting a little worried!

Amanda said...

Grrrrrr...that is exactly why I hate mall play areas.

Marina said...

hope Goo got a way cool sparkly band aid (casey prefers the barbie ones)

Anonymous said...

Poor goo! I hope her finger does okay! Awesome that she used words instead of...oh perhaps...biting. You should be proud of her!