Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday january 24 2009

so, i love saturdays. i get to wake up a little later than usual. like 730 or so. not to mention the fact that buz gets up with big h and plays with him in the morning. buz brings goo into our room, and she and i watch a show together in our bed. and oh my, she is one heck of a cuddler.

today, i'm not going to lie. we didn't get out of our jammies until maybe lunchtime. we played and played and played. and then, when goo took her nap, we all relaxed. buz napped on the couch, and i napped on the flour. and i got to lay next to big h while he played then lego batman that we rented. everyone got up, and buz and i got ready for our hot date. my cute dad came over, and my kiddos were elated. we headed out the door, grabbed some dinner, and went to see a freaking hilarious comedian. seriously, he was so funny. buz and i had a great night being together. my kids had a great time with my dad. and once we got home, buz and i got to watch our tivo'd thursday night shows. perfect day, in my opinion.

and just to be clear: i never say i was going to take a picture of my kids everyday. just take a picture everyday. so i give you buz and me, once we got home. ms. wiz...check out my boots. and can i just point out how insanely HOT my man is? um, because va va voom. don't think i wasn't the envy of everyone there. (oh, and yes. buz wore shoes, i promise.)


Chrys said...

LOVE Tim Hawkins! Did he do his bit about praying that God would bless his Cheeto and change the molecular structure of it into that of a carrot? Todd used that illustration in his sermon today and there were lots of Cheeto references. Hilarious.

So glad y'all went out!


Kelly said...

You guys are so cute. Glad you had a perfect day. It sounds awesome to me. We have a lot of days where we stay in jammies until noon, and well, then it is Lucy's nap time so why bother taking them off of her? So, Lucy ends up getting dressed around 3 some days. Oh well.

I love your comments on my blog. They always make me smile. And the skin tone comment wasn't dumb. They do have beautiful skin. Annie's is actually much darker than Lucy's. I think she will be VERY bronze this summer.