Thursday, January 29, 2009

january 29 2009

***UPDATED: go to bottom for pictures from yesterday.

ok, there will be no pictures from today. but i will update it tomorrow. i promise. i took a picture of goo reading in big h's bed right before bedtime, and my camera is still in his room. and BULL if i'm going to go in there and get it.

plus, buz and i had an awesome conversation tonight that lasted until about twenty minutes ago (eleven o'clock at night -- way past his bedtime). and it was rich. and wonderful. and made me swoon at what a fabulous guy i'm married to.

so here's the rundown. fyi: it's quick. i won't know what to do with yourself.

dropped big h off at school. goo and i headed out to see my pal casey and her SIX-MONTH-OLD. and he handsome??? much needed time with my pal. and i got to play with her sister and sister's daughter too. so much fun.

and the piece de resistance? goo was SO MUCH FUN. and i had prepared them for the worst and she made such a liar out of me. :) :) :)

this afternoon was a great afternoon. we had a yummy dinner that i might actually post a recipe for. and ended up with my awesome conversation with my best friend. i am sitting here cold (because we keep our window open) but full. full of blessings in my life. i know, i know. it sounds corny. but i will go to bed tonight so grateful that the Lord has given me what He has. i so do NOT deserve any of it. but grateful? i can do that.

promise. i will add pictures tomorrow morning.

best part of my day? talking with buz. about stuff other than just "hi, how was your day and what's for dinner?" made me realize how perfect he is for me.
again, with how delicate my daughter is.
we have a "don't play with toys at the table" rule. but big h bends it a little by "bringing toys to the table but not playing with them."
goo doing some nighttime reading before bed. in her stocking cap, of course.
and i promise i don't make this stuff up. this is what the kid reads before he goes to sleep. and it's not a catalog, so he's not making a mental wish list. he just reads the instructions over and over again.


aimee said...

I think you're okay on not posting a pic. Especially if it meant waking a kid to get the camera! NEVER EVER wake the kids!

Anonymous said...

I love conversations like that with my sweetie!

Meg B. said...

Yo jpw.

Ummm, so love the photo of your daughter in her stocking cap! Pretty sure I do that quite often... I think goo and I would kick it together quite well...

And big h reading Lego instructions? Yep, used to do that too. Loved my legos almost as much as he does.

Word it, sister.

Kelly said...

I simply adore the fact that Big H reads his Legos manual over and over before bed. The boy loves him some Batman Legos. Seriously.

I love having real conversations with my husband. Isn't it crazy how hard it is to find the time to talk about real stuff? It is so nice when you do.

Marino said...

Okay, that cracks me up seeing Goo in her stocking girl Sarah has been wearing her red santa hat now to bed for nap and night ever since Christmas. It also literally stays on her head at all times while we're at home...unbelieveable! I'm hoping to find a spring/summer version to switch out, or we'll just celebrat Christmas all year long in our household...your kids are precious! Love ya!

R said...

i love spontaneous rich conversations with my man!! they usually happen for us in the car when we're sans children. they're my favorite!