Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday january 31 2009

so it's 11pm on saturday night, and buz is snoring next to me. but i am determined to get a post up today, darnit.

today was the most relaxing day ever. with two children.

one of the things i've (slowly) learned about buz. is that on sunday night, i can get a read about his weekend by what he accomplishes. and it really affects him. so lately, we've been talking about making a list of big or little things he can do around the house. he LOVES having a screwdriver or drill in his hand. he loves to paint. he LOVES 'projects.' so two weekends ago, he installed a shelf right above our washer and dryer. our 'laundry room' (if you can call it that) is so small. so storage has always been an issue. well, he installed a shelf right above, and has made such a difference. and what's funny is that sunday night, he was in the best mood. ready to go back to work. feeling good about 'getting stuff done this weekend.' so this weekend, he decided he was going to work on our closet and make it work better for his clothes. (p.s. i SO got the better side of the closet when we moved in. it helps to be pregnant when making these huge decisions. you always win. i won.)

so this morning, big h and buz headed to home depot to get the needed supplies and to get donuts, since we missed donut friday yesterday. then, they came back home and woke goo and me up.

then, i started doing laundry and big h and goo were entertaining themselves, just playing together. they were really having a lot of fun together.

goo and i took a nap after lunch. (i promise i do more on the weekend than just take naps when goo does. though, i love it and it makes me feel refreshed.)

this afternoon we just hung out and were together. and then buz and i started getting ready for our hot date.

and fun J came over. my son LOVES our babysitter and runs outside when he sees her car pull up. and goo usually just introduces her to muh. shocker.

so we got ready to leave, and i caught a whiff of my husband. oh my. he wore cologne. my husband does NOT wear cologne. or as we call it -- "foof." (meaning, he's going somewhere requiring him to look foofy. i know...bless our hearts.)

anyway, he looked so handsome, and i could not wait to go out with him and be his foxy date.

we had dinner at a steakhouse for our friend's 30th birthday. we had lots of great conversation (due to not knowing anyone other than birthday girl and her husband) and delicious food.

we finally got ready to head home to relieve J.

we got home, and the first thing she said was, "wow, i love that goo is talking now. she is so fun and clearly so much happier now."

good report.

they had a great night. and she gave buz a huge sales pitch on the iPhone. yep. she's 18 with an iPhone. i showed her my sweet new/old phone. and her response was, "oh yeah, i think that was my first phone when i was thirteen."

hi. my name is janet. and i am old.

so now here i am finishing up my daily recap and listening to buz sleep.

now...before i put up pictures. these are straight from my camera, and i have never even looked at them. so if they are blurry or fuzzy or dark or anything like that? sorry. i'm not on my own computer and feeling a bit out of sorts.

i love that goo loves wearing dress up clothes. here she is in her princess fairy dress and shoes. my goal is to get a great picture of her toes in her little shoes. i heart her toes so much. and these shoes? just accentuate how insanely cute they are. she looks like a little lady. i love it.

big h's two favorite loves are batman and indiana jones. buz was going through his closet and found this vest that he wore for a costume party when he went as jeff probst from survivor. big h saw it and thought it looked like indiana jones. we wholeheartedly agreed. then, we found the hat. and just so you know...his "side bag" is a coach purse from when i was in EIGHTH GRADE. it was my first purchase (other than my first pair of guess zippered jeans) that i paid half of the total. that purchase was $88, and i vividly remember giving $44 to the lady at Dillard's. it was a HUGE day. so call me a pack rat, but i'm not sure i will EVER get rid of that purse. but don't let big h know it's really a purse.

goo wanting buz to have light in his mouth this morning in closet renovation '09

goo trying to figure this tricky thing out.

and sweet big h in his christmas jammies. and now after writing that, realizing they both have their christmas jammies on.

and buz and me. seriously? have you seen a more handsome guy around. grrrr... (and no, those aren't grandma shoes on my feet. i promise they're really cute. promise.)

what i'm thankful for? my ROCK STAR babysitter. she comes right on time every time. she has a smile on her face. all the time. big h loves her and runs out to her car when she gets here. i'm not sure i've ever written anything down for her. she's just always, "um, ok. whatever. i'll do that. we'll be fine." not sure she's ever called me for anything. she plays the Wii with big h. she sings to goo. ok. not that part. or at least i don't think she does. :)

anyway, we're sad because she's a senior this year. we love her. she loves my kids and they love her. or really, goo just gives her the "goo look." if you've met goo, you know what i'm talking about. :) i'm just thankful that we have someone we love and trust so much. thanks, J.

best part of my day? smelling my delicious husband. period.


Kelly said...

You and Buz look so beautiful/handsome for your date. Sounds like a fun night out and I am jealous that you have a babysitter that sounds so wonderful. I have still not found that and I have a really hard time leaving the girls with anyone. I need to get over this because Justin and I could use more time out with just us.

More Goo and Goose similarities. My Goo loves to dress up. She is not that into the dresses, but the shoes, she LOVES the shoes. And she loves even more my heels. She can walk in them with no problem. Also, Lucy has those same Christmas jammies and we still wear them all of the time. They are way too cute to put away after Christmas.

And finally, never feel guilty about napping when Goo does. I always use Lucy and Annie's naptime as my time to do whatever I want - sleep, watch mindless tv, read blogs, etc. It keeps me in a better mood for the rest of the day if I don't try and kill myself by running around all crazy while the kids sleep trying to get every single thing done. We all need a break. So nap away if you want to!!

R said...

hee hee! i still have my first dooney, too. it's in a closet at my daddy's house, but i cannot part with it!! now i don't feel so bad...i'm in good company.

wanna know something else? i, too had my mouth inspected with a flashlight yesterday! m has a little pink one that came with her ballerina sleeping bag that grandma gave her (don't know what delusions she has that we'll ever go camping, but oh well...), and she totally checked everything in my mouth.

the girls wear their Christmas jammies, too. they have multiple sets, and last night they wore their matching footie ones. i'm all about if it fits, we're still wearing it! and they're just so darn cute, so i have to get as much wear out of them as i can!

and oh my goodness, you two are a vision!! now i'm all antsy to go on a foofy date with my man, too. :0)

y'all clean up real good! haha--not that y'all aren't always super-cute anyway!