Sunday, February 01, 2009

casey and her sister

so you might remember...last thursday, goo and i headed to meet my pal casey and her little man. and we met at her sister's house where i got to see her little 2yo daughter. and find myself confident that goo is not the only 2yo with a *bit* of an opinion.

anyway. remember that little guy? that little "all of three days old" guy?

yeah. well, he's turning into an INCREDIBLY handsome little man. and his brothers eat him up. and obviously, his mama does too.

and when i met miss caroline, she was nine months old and the happiest gal around.

and now at two? va va va voom. and her mama is smitten with her. as she should be.

i go way back with this family. and it's funny. ever since i photographed casey's delivery, i feel like i'm emotionally bonded with her for life. not sure how she feels about it. but i love it. and love getting to capture her little family's moments.

love you, case.


R said...

i love the logo!

Anonymous said...

I love the one with the boys wearing batman and spiderman gear. All of the photos are fabulous!

Anytime you're in Houston, let me know, and we'll do a photoshoot with The Bean!

aimee said...

these are great!

Courtney said...

Janet...beautiful pics! And I LOVE the logo. Love it. Love. It.

Kelly said...

I love these. You do have a great logo!

amy kaye said...

love your little jw logo! (and i see that everyone else does too)

Casey said...

love you too :)

oh--and i love your cute logo too--but i love the sweet moments you captured for us of our little people even better :)

I think i like the silly one of the 3 boys better than the one on FB!