Monday, February 16, 2009

monday february 16 2009

ok, i've gotta stop writing at night. i am so pooped and really just want to get my post up and hit the hay.

so here's my quick recap.

we played with one of my best friends and her children whom big h has known since both of them were born. old friends. we played and played. and didn't finish one mommy conversation. and have resolved to get together one evening to finish not one but maybe even two conversations. i miss her.

all four of the munchkins together. in motion. hence, the out of focus picture.

what i've named the "rage face." wait. you'll see it later.

i am so in love with my man's beard. look at that stubble. grrr...

i love that big h still plays with toys in the bathtub.

new around our house is nose-honking. i'll be honest. i don't really care for it. mainly because it hurts. but shocker. dad always does it. he's so much more fun.

see the glee in his eyes?

big h going in for the kill.

again...rage face.

oh, and tonight? watched the bachelor. someone tell me your thoughts. why doesn't jason ever say a word after these girls pour their hearts out to him? why does he just awkwardly look at them for what seems like a sweet forever? and then, he just kisses them? it was almost more than i could handle. and i'm a hard core bachelor fan.

i'm thankful for my bff. or as big h calls her, "ee-mee." her friendship has withstood time and children. but i love being with her. she's like an old blanket. always comfortable. (she's going to die when she knows i referred to her as an old blanket.) she is my biggest fan and showers me with compliments and builds my confidence. she is a bold woman of God, and i love that most about her. love you, bff. thanks for always wanting to hang out with us.


Colored With Memories said...

i love your bff too...she is great...when oh when can we all get together?

totally laughing at the nose honking! it doesn't hurt...even though it is cute, sadly you've got to put an end to it...can't let buz be too fun! :)

Kelly said...

So glad you had a fun day with your bff. Those are always some of my best days.

I will email you tomorrow and we can talk about a good night to get together. Yeah.

Amy Olivarez said...

HAD to leave a comment about The Bachelor. Don't know if I can stand to wait for 2 WEEKS to see the ending. I LOVE Melissa---a sweetie from Dallas. For some reason I think that he is not supposed to say anything back because he cannot "give" away exactly what he is feeling or what will happen. I have made my husband a fan of this show too---ok, well fan is stretching it---think he watches it just so we can hang out---hee hee. Can't wait to see the drama unfold in two weeks. I have one other close friend who watches it so I must chat with people who watch it. I think Jason is a doll.

OK---enough with being a stalker Bachelor fan and a lurker on your blog:). I've been holed up in my house for too long with sick kids:).

Love your blog--
Amy O.

Jenna said...

I love the pictures of the nose honking. TOO cute. Love you friend!!!

wads and bob said...

Old blanket??? Ok, I'll take whatever I can get :) LOVED hanging today- and let's get together to have a real conversation sans kiddos very soon.

R said...

i ended up sucked in to the last 1/2 hour or so of the bachelor last night, and it drove me nuts. i think he's an idiot. jillian was my pick, in the cumulative one hour i've watched of this season! :0)

i know what you mean...J's the "fun one" too around here!

and PS--why does that mall not have a real play area?! drives me nuts every time.

windyday said...

YES! YES! Thanks for your prayers!

Becca said...

Found your blog through Jenna's - I'm looking forward to reading more. And I totally agree that Jason needs to RESPOND rather than just kissing them - they might think it's sweet now, but later they will be frustrated if that's all he does!!! :-) haha