Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tuesday february 24 2009

it's fat tuesday today.

i'm not going to lie. tomorrow? is going to be a tough day. my posts for the next several days might be a bit, shall we say, DARK.

because tomorrow? i'm giving up dr. pepper. for jesus.

well, everyday but saturday. i couldn't do cold turkey.

(big sigh)

there are many reasons. but i am not going to lie. life is going to be tough from tomorrow until Easter.

don't think i didn't have about four or five DPs today.

we tried the undies today. because i wanted to? ummm, no. i got goo out of bed to go take big h to school. and she said just as plain as day, "i wear dora skivvies?"

i kid you not. but after no successes, two accidents, and nap time, we went back to diapers. i PROMISE i will not write about every aspect of potty training. because i CAN. but i won't. but please...check out my fabulous daughter just doing her thing with her book, her muh, and her hollywood shades. she does things right.

best part of my day? WAKING big h up at school. yes. he's five and a half. and yesterday and today, i have had to WAKE HIM UP. everyone else in his class has been up and reading stories with the lights on and mamas are coming to pick up their little darlings. and there rests big h, sawing logs like a middle-age man. drool on his pillow. the whole nine yards. i love it. makes him still a little boy.


Courtney said...

Janet, I applaud you. Because I know how much you love Dr. Pepper girl. You can do it!! Call me if you are in crisis/withdrawl mode and I'll talk you down :-)

Been lovin' the pics everyday!

aimee said...

I'll say a little prayer to give you strength to get through Lent with no DPs.

Marina said...

Goo looks like a rockstar with the shades :) May the 40 day/nights without Dr Pepper go quickly

Kelly said...

Okay, the DP is going to be hard. Really, really hard. But I know you can do it and Jesus is going to be proud. I gave up sugar and I can't even tell you how hard it is going to be for me. I am so addicted. Yesterday, to prepare myself, I ate about 10 pieces of chocolate and a huge chocolate milkshake. I warned Justin that it could easily take a couple of weeks before my body adjusts and I am not a meanie.

Love Goo in her sunglasses. Sweet girl. I especially love the one with the sun in the background.

Colored With Memories said...

i can't believe he sleeps like that...AWESOME! does he wake up well? i'm scared lily would wake up in such a mood!

i can't remember now which post i read it in, but here's to getting over "funks"...my hubby recently diagnosed me w/one too...

good luck w/the DP...i gave them up for good in early college...man...the withdrawals were severe. i had real physical effects!

Kelly from Montana said...

we love you jesus and all you do for us BUT saturday hurry up and get here:) you go, girl:)

Anonymous said...

i gave up sweets, so let's make a deal that when it gets really hard i drink a dp for you and you eat something sweet for me. k?

ahh... i feel better about it already!