Thursday, February 05, 2009

thursday, february 5 2009

ok. i have eighteen minutes to get this done.

today was absolutely awesome. crazy wonderful.

goo and i dropped big h off at school. we came home to change her clothes due to a *minor* diaper accident. then, we got in the car and headed to the mall to meet my new friend for a play date. we figured out that her oldest daughter lucy and goo are fourteen days apart. so much fun.

i got there about ten minutes late, which i HATED. (ever since i married buz, i despise being late. despise it. feel like i'm communicating to that person that their time isn't valuable. anyway.) she assured me it was ok.

so here is the thing about blogging. because you put out so much information about yourself, people feel as though they know you, though they don't. really. but that wasn't the case today. lucy walked up, and i was "hey, lucy, what's up?" i'm sure she looked at me with the whole "um, yeah, i don't use the phrase "what's up" new lady. but it was fun to see her and be around her and all of her cuteness. and annie? well, she is just ten months of adorableness. and the best part? their mama. loves those two beautiful girls with all of her soul.

she got to meet goo. and goo showed her where muh's eyes were and then proceeded to clean them with a wipe.

but we got to talk (and talk and talk) about photography. which, normally, i am too afraid to do. because well, i have issues. but anyway. it was fun. she shared so many things. like what programs are confusing vs. which program she likes.

and then, BULL if she didn't write on her blog today that i taught her something. what in the world? how exciting.

i won't bore you with photography talk. if you really want to hear it all, go to her site. :)

but wow...i think i have a bit of a girl crush on her. she and i had the best time. i suggested we go to corner bakery for lunch because i know they have things there that goo will eat for lunch.

or, really, she'll just play with the salt and pepper shaker and proceed to drink her entire horizon organic milk. totally made a liar out of me. but that's goo. that's what she does. that's her job.

then, we just walked around and chit chatted. and ate pretzels and watched ice skaters.

it was so relaxing. like we were pals. well, we are pals.

she is a warm spirit. loves her daughters, loves her husband. loves her life right now. and it's really, really refreshing.

and then, i hauled tail to get big h on time. who knew that while having so much fun i would've lost track of time and almost forgotten my, you know, OTHER CHILD. next time, i'll bring him because oh. my. he will be smitten with these two younger ladies.

so kelly. you are so much fun. i am so glad we are buddies. can't wait to hang out again soon.

goo slept the whole way from the mall to big h's school, stayed asleep while i ran in to get him (while a friend watched her in the car), slept the whole way home from school, and stayed asleep in the car for the next hour and a half. i left all of the doors open but closed the garage door. who knew lucy wore her out?

big h and i just played together, and finally the three of us made our way outside. when daddy came home.

the sound of their voices when daddy drives up? if i were daddy, it would ALWAYS be the best part of my day.

then, i got to head out for a fun evening. several of us (weentrab, sarah, amy, and mandy) went to talk at a local church about how to talk to your children about sex. i know what you're thinking.

but it was so awesome. i was so encouraged. encouraged to be able to tell big h and goo about what God intended and how awesome the whole thing is.

seriously, it was such a great event.

then, we had dinner and talked about potty training woes. because that's what you do when you're a mom.

and i came home to a quiet house. ahhhh....

prepare yourself...these are NOT earth-shattering photos. just documenting the day around here, people.

goo in the midst of making a pepper mountain. good times. notice only ONE clip in her hair. this is vital information.

lucy was SO onto me with the whole picture taking thing. "i know what you're doing. my mama does it all the time."

seriously? this picture doesn't do justice to the cuteness that is annie.

lucy kicking it with her cinnamon pretzels. yo, what's up.

see how sly goo is? "ok, new friend. you're gonna want to ease off my boots. they are NOT yours. and really, not even yours to touch. i know you're a lot younger and stuff, but let's just gently take your little hand off my sweet rain boots."

and now, notice how many clips. i had one in by the time we were finished. and i'm surprised kelly and her clan didn't have one each as well.


Kelly said...

We absolutely loved our play date yesterday. It was all kinds of fun - probably mostly for me, but Lucy seemed to really enjoy herself as well. In case you were wondering why I typed all of that out on my blog about your fabulous tip, I have a lot of readers that ask me photography questions that I never know the answer to, so now I could actually tell them something helpful. They are going to be quite happy about it.

I hope we can get together again soon. I will be ready for my next lesson!!!! Have a fabulous weekend. I sure hope you guys are on time enough today to have Donut Friday.

Marina said...

Okay I CANNOT picture you talking about sex to a congregation please vimeo it:) Love goos dress she sure does have like barrettes.

R said...

i think it's amazing that i've never run into you at one of those malls. we're there all the time! corner bakery's one of our standards, too.

i agree about the sounds of the kids' voices when daddy gets home. i always wonder how that makes him feel! :0)

Anonymous said...

The Bean does the same thing to me too where I say, "oh she'll be fine and do XYZ and then she does the complete opposite. You're completely right. It is their job.

PS. LOVE goo's dress.