Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wednesday february 11 2009

highlight of my day? i got to eat at great outdoors with buz today for lunch today. it felt like we were dating.

have i mentioned how much i LOVE sandwiches?

need to go to bed.

but i was determined to think outside the box today. when we went on our adventure, i decided i was not going to do a SINGLE THING to get them to actually look at the camera. less intrusive, i guess. because i have to admit -- though, i love having pictures of them, i can only imagine what it's like having a black box in your face everyday. especially when the lady behind the box begs and pleads with you to look.

and can i say? i got some of my favorite pictures today. actually, i was able to capture my VERY FAVORITE image today. of all days. it's been a picture i've been wanting to get for a long time. and today. it happened.

not this one. it's coming.

no, he is NOT picking his nose. looks like it. but he's pretending that he has a rock as his nose. actually, i'm not sure which is worse.

still doing it.

goo collecting rocks too.

goo wanted muh in her own photo shoot. i kid you not, goo put her just like this and said, "uh take muh's pee-cher."

hi. who are you? and when did you turn sixteen?

a face that we see SEVERAL times a day. i am SO glad i got it "on film." (and with that face comes a very whiny noise. you know what i'm talking about.)

and the piece de resistance?

the one i've been wanting to capture forever?

are you excited?

am i building this up too much?

a little?

what do you think?


Kelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture. It is perfection. Awesome. The processing is spectacular.

I can't wait to teach you the awesomeness that is Lightroom. It is going to change your life. Have you played with it yet??

Jenna said...

Love sandwiches.

Love 'life with the wisners' daily updates.

Love the wisner mama who writes said updates.

Love the daily pictures.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last picture taken by the mama who takes the pics and writes the updates and eats the sandwiches.


aimee said...

I love that Muh got her own photo shoot! And the last pic is wonderful!

R said...

i LOVE sandwiches more than a human should, and great outdoors is one of my favorite places! we always always lunch there when i go to P-town for my OB appts.

it's actually my second favorite. my first is dino's where we live. you have to come visit us and we'll take you there! third place is NY sub hub in my college town. said...

these are just fabulous ... that last one ... beautiful, comforting, peaceful ...

that she placed muh right in the spot of beautiful light says there's talent ahead for her ;o)

and my fave is the one of her walking through the field with the sun hitting her just right!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it!