Tuesday, February 03, 2009

tuesday, february 3 2009

you're not going to believe this. but it's 845. and i'm getting ready to go to bed. goo has been down for almost an hour and a half. and i just finished big h's last story and talking to jesus.

don't let that last statement fool you. buz does ALL of nighttime with big h. i just get to go in at the end and read one more story and talk to jesus. buz does all of it. i just get the best at the end. lucky me.

today was incredible. we (several girls i don't know and several that i do know) hosted a surprise "welcome home" party/shower/brunch/"tea party" for my ultra new friend, kelly.

it was perfect. about seven or eight girls. six or seven children under the age of 2 two. goo, being the oldest. scary. but it was perfect.

a little story about my daughter. the hostess (whom i had met um, TWICE, before today) has a daughter a little older than goo. she told me when we got there that goo could go upstairs and play in her daughter's room. goo was in hog heaven because there were dress up clothes everywhere. i was impressed because overall goo did well the entire two and a half hours we were there. i went upstairs to change her into a fresh diaper and to let her know that she needed to put away the snow white high heels and put her boring stride rite brown maryjanes back on. when i saw something that made me want to cry.

blue marker.

on this girl's off-white carpet.

i'm not kidding when i tell you i paced the floor of that little girl's room for ten straight minutes. when i asked goo if she had colored on the floor, she gave me a "um, yeah. so?" look. i was mortified. i prayed over and over again, went downstairs, pulled mandy (hostess) aside and told her that i needed to talk to her and went into how unbelievably embarrassed i was and how should i have the carpets cleaned.

and she said, "oh, that blue marker? it's been there forever." and she proceeded to tell me the story of her daughter doing it. and i'm not sure i heard any of the story. because i was too busy feeling the blood rush back INTO my face.

goo and i left the party and drove around for half an hour and then i pulled into an empty parking lot, thinking she would nap.

bless my heart.

so we got some lunch and got big h. came home and played. daddy came home when we were playing outside. we ate dinner, did baths, and now they are asleep. and hopefully in about ten minutes, i, too, will be asleep.

what i'm thankful for? the whole blogging community? the fact that i threw a shower for a girl that i have emailed several times, have read her blog daily, have kick boxed with once, and have now planned a play date for two days from now. i love that i have pals who are so encouraging. even though they don't live next door. God does the most amazing things. i love it.

walking in, finding pals ready to celebrate her and her little punkin.

big h warming up to the idea of having the camera in his face. :)

seriously...look at big h's face. but of course, look at hers.

she eats that kid up.

sheer joy this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I'm so empathizing with the carpet thing. I can feel the gut-wrenching "Oh No" and the relief flooding in. Whew! I completely would have suspected The Bean as well, and she probably would have said yes when I asked if though the answer was no. Silly, Silly Girls! Giving their mommies heart attacks!

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for everything today. I loved every single second of it. So, so thankful for all of my wonderful friends - old and new.