Sunday, February 08, 2009

sunday february 8 2009

so, here's the deal. i am wiped out.

recap, in short. church with friends. very, very fun. lunch afterwards.

home for naps/rest time.

and then, big h decided (while dad was asleep) to give me a bit of grief. was ALL about daddy today. (i realize daddy realizes this, so let's just say that i LOVE that he's a daddy boy. i do. really. i don't like that it's sometimes at mommy's expense. just keepin' it real.)

played outside a lot. came in for "breakfast for dinner." bath time and goo to bed. big h, buz, and i watched old home movies from when big h was little. as fun as it was, it was tough to watch. that time in my life is always hard to remember. tough times. God is good, though.

now, buz and i are about to chat for a while and probably watch a show or two.

thankful for? my church. that big h loves learning scripture with his teachers. that goo loves her class. and that buz and i get to worship. together. and leave refreshed.

seriously. goo does this ON HER OWN. no suggestions from us. she throws the leaves up and says, "i yub pall." (i love fall.)

time stamp? six o' clock. just in time for dinner. nice.

check out my man's tattoos. he's smokin'.


Kelly said...

Hey girl. I am a huge fan of the pics of Goo in the leaves. Well, and Big H's batman tat. Sorry about the grief he gave you. They are good for that occasionally. Thank goodness they are so awesome the rest of the time to make up for it!! I hope this is a great week for you. We get back in town on Friday and will be there for quite a while. We should try and get together that next week and go over some lightroom stuff. Did you download the trial version???