Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesday february 10 2009

highlights of the day.

1. buz taking big h to school. i slept in a little and watched a show with goo on the couch underneath her blanket. (i so lived in the inner circle this morning. not just anyone gets to get under her blanket.) and i didn't have to pack a lunch. or double knot any shoes. not that i don't love doing those things. it was just nice to have a morning where i wasn't in a hurry.

2. walking the neighborhood when buz got home. buz stayed with goo, and i got out and enjoyed the humidity. wait. i NEVER enjoy humidity. scratch that. one thing i'm changing this year (among many things) is getting "me" back. i don't really know exactly what that means yet. but one thing i'm doing is getting back out and enjoying active time. surprisingly enough, i LOVE to exercise. i "exercised" in college. if you include walking around campus with my roommate talking about her boyfriends or my desire for one or going to water aerobics with one of my other roommates and then getting 64 oz. slushees from 7/11 afterwards. but i really loved it. and when i got to grad school, i made my one and only friend keep me accountable. she and i would go to the campus fitness center. i would grab my walkman (stop laughing) and head upstairs to the track and kick it to lots of exercise hip hop music. there's no doubt...i worked it. she came and got me every morning and we worked out. and i loved it. and then, my bible study leader thought it would be a fun idea to do a run together. so we trained together and finally ran together at the end of the year. and it was awesome. i would post pictures, but i had bad, bad hair in grad school. it's a wonder i had friends. anyway, since having kids, the whole exercise thing has taken its place on the back burner. and i miss it. not to mention, my love handles and dress size increases miss it. so not really a new years resolution. but just a decision to get that part of me back. well, my running coach (fancy name for good friend with lots of running experience who just happens to be a "real" running coach) was giving me suggestions as to what to wear. and basically her first suggestion was to not wear cotton. and other than my control-top pantyhose from 1999, i don't really own a whole lot that is not cotton. but i do have a vest that kelly gave me a couple of years ago that is kind of "rain jacket" material. but it has a pocket for my iPod. so i have decided to wear it when i'm out. never mind that it doesn't exactly fit. so when i wear it, it had a bit of a bullet-proof vest feel to it. well, this morning, i decided to take a friend's advice and walk with some 1-pound weights on my wrists and my ankles for a different kind of walk. let's just say i felt like someone from the SWAT team.

3. going to the children's hospital. our kiddos didn't really get the concept today. only because we met with the child life specialist who told us she would take the crayons and coloring sheets and stickers to the children at the valentine's party on saturday. so they didn't really get to "see" any sick kids. we explained that we might get to, due to illness and contagious diseases. but they got to see the playroom. so really, they walked in, gave some lady some crayons and paper and stickers and got to play in a playroom, and then we left. i think we were there for maybe five minutes. but the child life girl gave each one of the kids a medical kit, including a hair net, gloves, mask, bandaids, alcohol swabs, etc. they felt like they had gone to the toy store. but it was fun for my friend and i to discuss how no matter what happened while we were there today, we showed someone Jesus and that was all that was important. next time, i'll try to come up with something where my kids will really understand the meaning of service. i welcome any ideas.

4. halloween. no, not the holiday. the stuffed animal. big h's class has this "project" at school where they have this stuffed animal bunny that they named halloween. each day, a child takes halloween home and halloween participates with everything the child does. (kind of like a local flat stanley.) big h got halloween today. i could NOT think of a better day to have halloween with us. and as we speak, big h is in his batman jammies, and halloween is in spiderman jammies. (and goo is in superman jammies.)

5. the reason i have to post these pictures fast and be done for the evening. my husband? well, he pretty much rocks the house. hopefully, i've documented that. every night when we're done with bath time, and i've put goo down for the night, he and big h do something special together, and i head back to the computer to write this and read emails and check blogs. when i came back here tonight and opened the doors to the computer cabinet, this is what was on my computer.

um, yeah. nighty night, y'all. i've got playing to do. and mourning to do. you know, over the loss of my sweet 2002 cellular phone. (oh, and one more thing i'm thankful for? that buz does gifts on days other than the holiday itself. love it so much.)

um, we're in the middle of a tornado warning. leaving you with one picture so i can safely shut off my computer.


R said...

how FUN! i've been wanting an iphone just forever. husby wanted a motorcycle about the same time the iphone came out. guess who won? hint: it wasn't me. :0)

i agree...i love gifts on non-holidays!

Anonymous said...

Buzz rocks! That's an awesome gift!

LOVE the operation pics. big h was getting after it!

Kelly said...

Yeah for your iphone. So funny that we were just talking about the cell phones last week. Buz is so cool!

Kelly from Montana said...

uh yeah - just catching up here - i guess you do get texts then;)

Anonymous said...

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