Friday, February 20, 2009

friday february 20 2009

ok, i'm writing really quickly because buz is watching the end of a movie. so i have a free second.

today was awesome. donut friday was great, as usual. and goo ran in to her class this morning and loved on her teachers. AND she stayed in the same diaper all day. not because she never got changed. but because it was dry every time she sat on the potty. WHAT? so i think i'm deciding to really do it over spring break. clean slate.


there's that word again.

i kind of want it to write it a couple of times to start getting used to it. but i'm afraid some creepy person will google it and show up here. don't need that.

i picked them up, and they were thrilled to learn that we were off to play with new friends. big h was beside himself. he asked how old they were and how many were boys. and i had to break it to them that they were both girls and they were both quite a bit younger. and his response was, "i can't wait to meet my new friends. i will probably love the little baby."

and the little baby, he loved. and he also loved her older sister. goo was indifferent. sweet. definitely had a great time. but she's a loner sometimes. and today was no different. but she only cried once because she wanted a coveted sand shovel. and then, lucy was sweet enough to give in and give goo what she wanted. and lucy did bat an eye. way to share, lucy.

then, buz showed up and we played for a while and he took the kids home. i got to stay over at kelly's and just do life with her for the afternoon. we went out for sandwiches, and i got to sit next to lucy and talk cheetos with her. she's my new pal. we headed home and she put the girls to bed. and then we got to chat about all things computer, photography, and motherhood. i loved every minute of it. and buz even said when i called on my way home, "didn't think you'd stay so long."

it was such a great night. kelly, i had an awesome time. hope i didn't overstay my welcome.

she took pictures of my kiddos. go over there and check them out.


Kelly said...

I had an awesome time too. And of course you didn't overstay your welcome. It was so nice to have another adult around. So nice. The pictures are beautiful. I will get you a disc of yours. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I'm a teeny weeny bit jealous.
I bet she didn't even have pot roast grease on her shirt.
Maybe if I'd taken better pictures of your kids....
I'm kidding! Really!
kind of.

Anywho. So fun! I love the kids "g" and "h" shirts, too cute.
I had to giggle at the p-word. We don't really use that around here, for obvious reasons.

Happy weekend friend!