Sunday, February 01, 2009

sunday, february 1 2009

great morning, today. well, in my opinion. buz's opinion may differ. on sundays, i get up, take a shower, and get ready for the morning.

all while buz gets both kids dressed and ready for church. big h is no problem. he dresses himself. goo, on the other hand...not so much. first of all, she doesn't like changing out of her jammies, really, EVER. but especially on sundays. no idea why, because she LOVES dresses. who knows. but buz has taken on this job. oh, and have i mentioned that i am a tights kind of mom on sundays? i know. poor buz.

let's take a moment to say, "sweet buz" out loud.

sweet buz.

today, she was more unhappy than normal. and i knew it because i heard her through the bathroom door, which was closed, while i was taking my shower.

i finished getting ready, and she looked lovely. tears actively drying on her face. but lovely.

we headed to church. once we get to church, we have such a good time getting to everyone's classes. we walk in, and there is a jungle theme in the kids' area. so goo yells about seeing all of the animals. then, we print out our stickers for their backs and our parent stickers. big h puts on his sticker by himself. and goo is elated about wearing a sticker on her back.

she and big h RUN to goo's class first. big h says, "goo, give me a hug goodbye." and they hug, and she giggles and she runs into her class.

then, we head upstairs and drop big h off. he loves his class too.

and then, buz and i head to the little coffee bar and sigh. and drink a cup of coffee and have a little morning pastry. we head into church and worship. and sit together. and hold hands. and i'll be honest. there is nothing more handsome than watching my man thumb through the scriptures.

when we're done with church, we go get big h first. and i love it because they are doing so much awesome scripture memory. and he loves reciting all of the cool verses he learns. and he is thrilled with himself. then, we head to get goo. and she has the biggest grin on her face. and usually the biggest "gift" in her pants.

she does this at school, too. she waits until all the parents come and pick up their children to do her morning business.

(big sigh)

so we go change her, and she is less than thrilled with that. and may move around a little. making it not quite as easy to change her. they both get drinks out of the water fountain. and then we run out to smell the flowers outside of the building. big h smells one flower and is ready to go get in the car. goo takes her time.


we normally stop at my favorite sandwich shop on the way home and get sandwiches for buz and me. to go.

we headed home and played until lunchtime. after lunch was nap time for the goo. i put her down, and buz and big h play together. today, i did laundry and did stuff around the house.

once goo woke up, we decided to get some munchies for the super bowl. and while we were out, my parents called and asked if we wanted to watch the game at their house, so we headed up there.

didn't really watch the game, but my kiddos had a great time playing with stuff around the house.

we headed home and put the kiddos straight to sleep.

and tomorrow starts a new week.

what i'm thankful for. my parents. that they love having us over. that they don't (always) freak out when big h and goo play with things around their house or "rearrange" their decorations. that my mom always has fun snacks. that my dad could eat my daughter up with a spoon. that buz and i are relaxed when we're over there.

goo and big h on our neighbor's front porch, without them knowing. and she wanted to lay down next to big h.

here's how he felt about it.

big h was pretending to pout. and then buz started teasing him. and then goo started getting the giggles.

so did big h.

goo and me at my parents' house. i've also decided that i need more pictures of me with my children, not just of my children. so there.


Kelly said...

The first picture is so great. I just adore it. I too need more pictures with my kids. I am never in any of the pictures.

I got a good laugh out of Goo waiting to do her morning business until the parents start coming to pick up the kids. Ha! This is a huge difference between your Goo and Lucy Goose. She would NEVER, and I do mean never, go at school or church. She is very private about this and has been for quite some time. So almost immediately when we get home from school or church she goes, and really, I wish she did it there so they had to deal with it a few times. You know? Sorry I have rambled about bathroom habits of our 2 year olds.

Your parents sound wonderful. I haven't done a thankful for mine yet because I will end up writing a novel about how much I love them. Have been thinking about it in my head though.

aimee said...

I feel you on wanting more pics WITH the kids rather than just of the kids. It's a great shot.

Jenna said...

Love the pic of you and goo. Makes me extremely happy on this Monday morning. As did this whole post. Love you!

Life In Progress said...

There's lots I could comment one (like, I'm a tights-on-Sunday kind of Mom too), but I'm just going to stick with one important thing.

Jimmy John's after church on Sunday is our tradition too. Great minds.......well, you know.

R said...

ditto on seeing our men with the Word on their makes me swoon every time!! i also love it when J and I share a Bible in service. J's an NAS kind of guy; I'm more NIV. He bought me a NAS/NIV parallel for my birthday last year (I've been trying to study in NAS more), and that makes sharing even more convenient!!

i totally envy y'all--we NEVER get to church early enough to hit our coffee bar! that would be such a nice mini-date. :0)

if it makes you feel better, Rosie's been seeing fit lately to make her "gift" for us on the way to church. (hence another reason we're running late!) then we have to change her as soon as we hit the door. because i refuse to ignore it and drop her off for the poor childcare givers!

jimmy johns? NE-VER tried it. never. and i'm a huge sandwich fan! there's one near us, but i just don't do much take-out unless there's a drive-through. now maybe i will! we also got a new bagel shop near us. they DO have a drive-through. yay!

i love your routines so much! i love that y'all frequent the same places and like tradition. we're the same way.

i also love that you're making an effort to be in more pictures! i need to do that too...but i hate seeing myself!

don't you love how i have a comment for every. single. thing? sorry...i can't help myself!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! The photos are the best!

Janelle said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! I look away for a minute and you have 17 unread posts in my bloglines. SEVENTEEN. Girl...slow down!!!

Just wanted to say I am still here...still your friend.

Now I have some reading to do...SEVENTEEN, Janet. Sheesh!!