Saturday, February 14, 2009

saturday february 14 2009

happy valentine's day.

today is one of those days that i didn't care for so much when i was single. i felt like it was overrated. like it was overdone. like it was too commercial.

and now that i'm married? i like that there is a day to celebrate love in general. but i don't love going and doing grandiose things. when we were first married, i communicated to buz that i didn't really want to spend three hours waiting at a busy and crowded restaurant. i would much rather spend it with him getting good food and doing something quiet together. so the tradition began. (you know how i love me a good tradition.) i LOVE souper salad. buz? does not. and so, every valentine's day, we head to souper salad, and i pile up a big fresh salad with crunchy spicy peanuts and all of the prepared salads and yummy (not-so-hot) blueberry bread. i love it. and buz always jokes that it's the ultimate display of love and affection to take me there on valentine's day. but you know what? there has never (in eight years) been a long line or any kind of wait. :)

and so, that's what we did tonight. because we're romantic like that.

and now, buz and i are going to cuddle and watch a movie together. because i love him. and i love being near him.

oh, and i'm thankful for goo's bedtime routine. i had a bit of an upset tummy. i was able to put her down quickly but just like i always do (with singing and praying and loving on and kissing on). but i was also able to put her down and tell her goodnight and know that that was the end of it. if she wasn't quite sleepy enough yet, she would "read" her books or talk to herself or sing to herself. i know this little bedtime routine will end soon. i know this because big h's bedtime used to be easy. and well now, it's not *quite* as easy. wink.


Kelly said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope your tummy is feeling better. I am a huge fan of traditions as well. Your Valentine's tradition is great! Let's make plans to get together soon.