Monday, February 02, 2009

monday february 2 2009

prepare yourself. this will be so short, you won't know what hit you.

i am tired. and ready to go nighty night. buz came home a little early so i could go out and run errands. just fun "go into the gap and touch things because i can" kinds of errands. and i came home, so we could watch the bachelor together. yep, we still watch it.

slow day. goo didn't take a nap. a first, i think. apparently, she was quite a pill this evening. but went down with NO PROBLEM. well, i would guess so. :) big h had a great day at school.

see? quick, huh?

i didn't even take a picture today. so i'm posting some of the ones that have been stuck on my little point and shoot for a while.

and before i do that. thankful for? for buz. that he is so selfless. that i am on his mind enough that he would leave work just a little early so that i could have a little time to myself. and his comment as i was leaving was, "i'll put them down. come back later. get going." and he does this a lot. and i promise i'm not glossing over all of the amazing things he does in this little paragraph. he deserves his own post. but i truly love him. i truly appreciate him. and i am truly grateful that the Lord put him in MY life.

goo thrilled at the ice feature over the christmas break. see? doesn't even phase me. nope, not one bit. (i am so lying.)

guess how hard it is to wake this?

the hat big h picked out for our dress up day. why does he torture me with such faces?

the hat goo picked out.

big h hard core about his limited edition ncaa boomer sooner poptart. (yes, i'm serious.)

the night goo decided she, herself, was a piece of paper. good times. also, the night the markers got put in a locked box.


Jenna said...

Goo as a sheet of paper? Priceless. I love her.

Kelly said...

That is really great that Buz does those things for you. It is so nice to get that break - especially when you don't have to ask for it.

Some nights this is really hard. I had a really short one today too. But hey, we got it done and that is all that really matters!!!

R said...

that's the key...the boys offering when we don't ask for it. because i simply won't ask. ever. :0) buz is a GEM!

m recently pressed a stamp pad all over her face while i wasn't looking. lovely. it, too, is in a locked box now. smurf blue is not a good look for her!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

I love to go touch things at the Gap too!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie! T does things like that too. Usually, Sunday is the only day off we have together, but he makes a point to take off a Saturday on as regular a basis as he can so I can sleep in or go shopping or so we can have a family day without missing church. God is good isn't He!