Thursday, February 26, 2009

thursday february 26 2009

day 2 of no dr pepper.

did you notice yesterday's post? minimal narrative. and two sub par pictures? yeah. yesterday was day 1 of no dr pepper.

good times around the wisner house. even buz asked tonight if it would be ok if he had one. bless his heart. don't wake the monster. there are two terrible times. ok, actually, most of the day is terrible. but at least i've realized my addiction.

time #1 is at 2 when i pick up big h (and goo) from school. and it's happy hour at sonic. own up to it -- you don't know a single person who gets a water bottle at sonic's happy hour. no one. so we just didn't go. because i couldn't.

time #2 is right after i put goo down. big h and buz do something special after goo goes to sleep. play some lego playstation game or watch something together. i usually come to the computer and write my little post. and i get ready for my evening snack. popcorn. cheese and crackers. or way worse if it's the weekend. and i either get a dr pepper out of the fridge or i pour one over ice (which i prefer)......

i should stop talking about this.

today i am thankful for my mom. now that my parents live here, my mom get together pretty regularly. we meet somewhere for dinner at the spur of the moment. we go window shop on a week night. just because she has coupons. or she comes over and keeps me company during the witching hours.

one thing that i have always been grateful for but RARELY IF EVER tell her is how thankful i am that she's a seamstress. she has made curtains for every place i have lived. i have never had to have my pants hemmed because she does it for me. she made me a t-shirt quilt. she's made my friends awesome items ranging from quilts to curtains to burp cloths to bags to clothes. last week, she taught me how to reupholster our dining room chairs. the chairs that had become SO DISGUSTING and just happened to be covered in off-white material. so i bought material and she brought her mighty staple gun, and we went to town, doing ALL EIGHT chairs. and rewarding ourselves with a viewing of pretty woman. (and just as a side note: have any of you watched pretty woman with your mom? because oh my. there are a lot of scenes that were awkward to watch with my mom.) also, last week, she taught me how to make those rock star t-shirts for big h and goo. granted, i did a lot of ironing and cutting. and she did ALL of the sewing. but we accomplished something together. and she laughed a lot at all of the questions i asked. because really? bless my heart. i am the spokesperson for the bless her heart campaign. i really am surprised sometimes at the sheer amount of things i do NOT know. sad. but she answers kindly. what i would give to know what she tells my dad when she gets home.

anyway. i am thankful that my mom lives here. that she gives and gives and gives. her money. her time. her involvement. to me. to buz. to my children. to my friends. and to the random people of the world. the lady does NOT meet strangers. seriously.

i can GUARANTEE my mom has very sharp pins in her mouth right now. and you know what? doesn't phase me a bit. i've seen my mom with pins in her mouth my whole life.

and in this one? i can GUARANTEE she's talking. she's where i get that whole "verbose" thing. apple didn't fall far from the tree. for the life of me, i CANNOT tell a short story. neither can she.

yep, sleeveless shirt for the goo. 90 degrees today. february. don't even ask how i feel about that.

hi. i'd like to introduce you to my fourteen-year-old son.


Alana said...

Hey, sweet friend.

I feel you on the Day #2 of Dr. Pepper, but of course for me the addiction is Coke.

So cool that your Mom lives close and you get to hang out. Such a gift.

Kelly said...

Your mom and my mom would be great friends. They sound a lot alike. She sounds fabulous. I would give anything to have my mom here. I miss her every single day and make up for it by talking to her on the phone about 10 times a day.

You are doing so great with the DP thing. So great!! Keep it up. By this time next week you aren't even going to be thinking about those Dr. Peppers you miss and I won't be dreaming of cupcakes, right?

Colored With Memories said...

kelly stole my first line.

our moms...they must know each other! and like each other too.

my mom made curtains for lily's room...well actually to cover her closet...still sews missing buttons on for us...and recovered 10 dining chairs with me a few years back.

i never mind feeling dumb around my mom...isn't it great that they know so much!

Anonymous said...

You're mom sounds awesome! What a blessing. I wish we lived closer to our parents. We work hard to keep The Bean involved with them despite the distance. said...

tomorrow is your dr pepper day! yay!

and a couple posts below with the closeups of good and her sunglasses ... awesome!

Cindy said...

I love this post! You've described your mom exactly how I remember her from Bville. And the part about the pins in her mouth made me laugh because my mom does the same thing. And she's also made curtains for all 8 houses I've lived in since I got married. All without complaining. :) Moms are the best, aren't they?

Kelly from Montana said...

i love the shout out to nance! i am so glad i have a nance too:)
big h is getting that gangly growing boy look. hang in there mom!

Casey said...

love nance. love her.

and i know what you mean about having mom close by. i LOVE it. moms rock.

am going to try to get my pic order to you this weekend. so difficult to choose a reasonable number of them :)

Amy Olivarez said...

I still have the t-shirt quilt you gave me after we graduated from Baylor;). It is SO comfy!!!!

LOVE sonic happy, i am dead serious, i order a large ice water with a lemon (please don't squeeze the lemon in the water I do it myself) and it is SO yummy! not kidding, it makes me feel like I am getting a "real" drink from Sonic---does that make sense?? Probably not, but it is my new addiction:).

Amy O.

R said...

my mother sews too, and i keep telling her that she HAS to teach me one day so i can teach my girls. and besides, i'm seriously thinking i need to learn how to make my girls' clothes's SO HARD to find modest clothes for them! she used to make us matching outfits when i was a little girl. :0)

and pretty woman? yeah, SAW IT THE FIRST TIME at the theater with my parents. they weren;t believers, so i got to see all kinds of weird r-rated stuff with them. now that i'm older and a believer, i'm in shock at what i was exposed to!! :0)