Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday February 22 2009

updated: see? i told you i would post them.

kelly, i finally figured out how to nail this. thanks to your help. i have been trying for months to get my kids running. and i did it today. :)

mental note: do NOT show this to my father, who will be APPALLED at how long my child's hair is.

buz boxing on the wii.

big h doing the same.

once again...the fascination with the goggles.

big h means business.

goo chasing big h through "the woods." or really, just some shrubs. but shhh...don't tell her.

my happy little girl.

ms. wiz...notice the scarves?

this girl does NOT mess around.

i'm sure there is some safety laws about bringing toys on the trampoline. but we'll keep this our little secret.

This morning buz made the executive decision not to go to church. Our kiddos have been a *tad* under the weather and he decided to give everyone a chance to rest. So I woke up to a living room full of my favorite people, coffee had been made, and everyone was eating breakfast. It was surreal, really. That buz is a keeper.

I'm sure you guys can't believe I'm writing in caps. It's weird I know. I'm writing from my phone so I won't wake anyone and it capitalizes everything automatically. I just adore lowercase letters so much. It's not that I have anything against capitals. They're just so formal and mature. Not my style.

Everyone asleep, you ask? Yep. And you'd think I would be too but I am enjoying the quiet so much. Apparently I've been a bit crabby today and I didn't even know it. Poor me. Actually poor my family.

We had a great time playing outside today. Came in and got ready for rest time. Goo takes rest time pretty seriously at our house. Praise Jesus. Big H...not so much. But he's done a great job learning to play quietly while we can "turn the house off" for a little while.

This afternoon we're heading out to get goo something for picture day on Wednesday. It's still weird thinking goo does little school things. Like have picture day. I'll have to look through big h's school pictures and scan them. They are freaking awesome.

And hopefully I can get out of my husband-diagnosed funk soon.

And for those of you thinking I'm going to actually, you know, PUT goo in the undies, bless your heart. I'm not there yet. (oh. i'm back on my computer. so you'll be pleased to know that i am back to my lowercase letters.) not even close. but i'm going to give myself some time to do it. and enjoy it with her. (cough cough) bless my heart.

this afternoon, when everyone woke up, we headed out to a local mall to walk around. and then, we ended up playing outside. and buz said that it was BY FAR the softest grass he had ever placed his feet on. and buz does not make comments like those. so take note.

and guess who left her camera in the car. talk about day for awesome stuff. oh well.

and i'm on buz's computer right now because i got the blue screen on mine. yikes. so no pictures tonight because i was tired of sitting on the chair. so tomorrow i will put them up. they're there. i promise.

thankful for? the feelings big h has for goo. he absolutely ADORES her. today, when we were at the mall, playing in the big field of grass, there were several other kids out just playing and running. he initially asked us if he could play with these boys. we said that was fine but that they were much bigger and older than him. we just wanted him to know that they might say no. he quickly said, "oh, ok. i will play with goo. because she doesn't have anyone to play with." and play with her, he did. and loved it. and took her on little adventures while buz and i watched. it was beautiful. and all throughout the day, i'll hear "goo, you're just cute, aren't you?" without any prompting. and she loves him and thinks he hung the moon. which, in her eyes, he did. but i love that he takes the big brother role so seriously. he would go to the ends of the earth for her. and i am thankful for that.


Anonymous said...

Some days, you just need that down time at home! Glad y'all had a great day!

Kelly said...

I had a funky day yesterday. Hopefully this week will bring lots of un-funkyness for us!

And yes, we were wandering around NP from 2-4. Is that when you were there?

Anonymous said...

love the pictures! each and every single one of them makes me smile. and big h? swoon. that boy has a heart of gold. goo is so lucky to have him.

Kelly said...

I take it you found the continuous focus setting. Nicely done!

Colored With Memories said...

loving the goggles, the scarves, the "forest"....

NOT loving...the blue screen.

the end is near.....