Monday, February 09, 2009

monday february 9 2009

first of all, today was better. i got a good night's rest last night. and this morning started off like every other weekday mornings...cold big h toes. :)

goo and i took big h to school.

and then, we came home to some of the best news i've had in a LONG time.

buz is taking the WEEK off this week. he has a use it or lose it time off situation at work. and apparently, he has a TON of time off. so he decided to "get away" for a while.

um, hello? can you actually feel my smile through this post?

today he touched up the paint in the bathroom. then, he went and saw a movie and ran guy errands. what are guy errands, you ask? well, i can tell you he didn't touch any toddler clothes at the gap, and odds are he didn't shop for any smocked dresses or look at things at the dollar spot at target. but he said he ran errands. i don't know.

goo and i played at home and she colored. and this time, only on paper. praise jesus. put her down for a nap. we headed to school to pick up big h, where his teachers told me that he showed everyone his tattoos. luckily, he's been covering them in the bathtub the last two nights so that he could show them to his sunday school teachers and his school teachers. apparently, they were very impressed.

when he came home, the three of us had such a great time. we played with playdoh, and i didn't lose my marbles. which is crazy. because typically, i lose my marbles when someone requests playdoh. but not today. who knows? we colored. we played cars. we did a ton of stuff around the house. big h got to chat with stanley, our postman. we LOVE our postman. we've had the same postman since we moved in almost six years ago. have i mention how much i love him? big h runs out to the front when he gets to our house, and stanley carries on long conversations with big h. and big h thinks he's hot snot.

then, we went on an adventure. i.e. walked down our back alley and pick up sticks. and walk back. they LOVE it. of course, it was dad's idea a couple of days ago. dad ALWAYS comes up with cool stuff.

then, as we were walking back, we saw dad at the end of the alley. and big h and goo ran to him like a princess in a fairytale. it was beautiful.

we jumped on the trampoline. and i ticked big h off. i have a knack, really. i'm so talented at it. he kept licking the little rain puddle on the trampoline. seeing as how it was SICK AND COMPLETELY DISGUSTING, dad told him more than twice to please DO NOT DO THAT. so at one point, he asked us to both close our eyes because he was going to show us something cool. we both had our eyes shut for what seemed like forever. and i'll be honest. i peeked. c'mon. i can only keep my eyes shut for so long. and when i peeked, he was licking the puddle on the trampoline. and so because i'm an awesome mom who loves being sensitive to my kids' feelings, i said fairly loudly, "seriously, big h. don't lick that. dad told you not to."

and well, from then on, my little man was NOT happy with me. he continued to sulk and be sad and cry on the tramp, and we were instructed to leave him alone. we did for several minutes. but then, enough was enough. he cried, and i asked him if i could love on him. i started hugging him and then i started pretending he was a baby and i started talking to him like he was a baby. he didn't stay sad for much longer.

and goo colored with rained-on chalk. she really might be the dirtiest child i've ever come into contact with. she's a mess all the time. dinner? the three of them were at the table while i was fixing the second round of our tostadas (yum). and when i was taking them out of the oven, i accidentally touched part of the sheet. and it hurt. i didn't burn myself, but it was HOT. and i yelled 'OUCH' under my breath. when i came back to the table, i took several bites before goo said, "what uh noise? mama bonka hand?" i said, "yeah, sweet goo, mama bonked her hand. it hurt because it was too hot. but i'm ok now."

bull, if she got out of her chair, walked over to my chair, looked right at me and said, "uh be better uh kiss it?"

i said, "oh goo, that would definitely make it feel better if you kissed it."

and she did.

and i was a big puddle of mush.

and throughout the rest of dinner, she continued to ask me if my hand felt better after she had kissed it.

TOTALLY, BY FAR best part of my day.

bath and bed.

i ran some errands. some fun girl errands. that, of course, involved touching things.

tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. back in december, i started thinking about 2009. not that 2008 was bad or anything, but i really felt like God was working on me in big and mighty ways. and i was (and still am) so open for what He wanted to do. one thing that i wanted to set goals. resolutions, i guess. there have been some things i have changed already. and some things are works in progress. but one thing that i was deeply convicted about was the amount of blessings i have in my life and the amount of people that we know and don't know that are going through some rough stuff. i have people in my life that rise up when things are hard and love on us. and so i wanted to make a point of doing that for others...with big h and goo.

so i decided that at least twice a month, we were going to do some kind of service project as a family. well, really just the three of us because we would do it during the week.

and tomorrow is going to be awesome. i asked one of my friends if she and her children wanted to do it with us. we bought crayons and printed off valentine's coloring pages off the internet. we're taking them to one of the children's hospitals tomorrow and passing them out to the kiddos who are allowed to be in the family life areas.

let me state for the record just how elated i am. i love stuff like this, and i have been praying since 2009 started that my kiddos would love it just as much.

will update you with how it goes.

what i'm thankful for today? goo's speech. it's unbelievable. it's constantly improving. i love that she and i communicate. she says, "yes" in the most beautiful breathy voice ever. in fact, one of her teachers said that she and the other teacher sometimes ask her a question they know she'll answer because they love to hear her say "yes."'s that awesome. and everything she says has "uh" in front of it. she loves to look for things and then say, "we found _____." and then hug that item and say, "we found you." she loves for "big boo boo be better?" and the inflection in her voice is priceless. i have GOT to video her soon. she is hilarious. and now we've started giving her little commands like "go tell big h that it's time to eat." she lights up and runs to tell big h. and even though she's really just repeating what we say, it's much cuter when she says it. this never happened with big h. literally, until he was three, he said "sugga sugga," and that was it. and then, somewhere between goo being born and him turning three, he all of the sudden "got" words. no idea.

anyway, her speech makes me happy. really, really happy.

big h's school sent this to me today. big h on the right and his sleepover friend on the left. my kid is a nutcase.

goo today on our adventure.

big h's mad trampoline skillz.

goo walking around during our adventure. she loves her pink donut shirt.

ok...i had a picture here, and somehow something just got deleted. and it's not here. and i'm on buz's computer. i had added the picture on my computer, and it's not on this one. so i promise i will put the picture up tomorrow. (does any of that make sense?)

when i loved on big h after i upset him. there are several comments i need to make about these pictures. first picture on the left: that's the face buz and i make when we're teasing each other about something. it's funny between the two of us. big h does not care for it. the last two pictures: apparently, people are failing to inform me that i need to hightail it to the nearest salon to get rid of the GRAY in my hair. seriously, people, i am THIRTY-THREE. and wow...that's a LOT of gray. and remind me NOT to wear it in a bun. because the combination of the bun AND the gray? well, i sure as heck am not going to get carded looking like that.


R said...

i just have to tell you how crazy i am. i just glanced at the clock, saw that it was just before midnight, and jumped to your blog because "OO! it's almost tuesday! that means janet's posted a new daily, i bet! gotta check it out before i log off and go to bed!" it's official--i'm a total groupie. HA!

my favorite part of this post? big h's relationship with your mailman.

my daddy carried mail for 30+ years and retired a couple of years ago, and i used to love hearing about the people on his route. (he very seldom changed routes.) he had such a fun rapport with most of the families that he served! so i've always had a special fondness for people in that industry.

it makes me so happy to know that big h has found a buddy in his mail carrier! i bet it makes the carrier's day, too.

R said...

and big h's glasses in that photo totally made me think of mickey rooney in "breakfast at tiffany's"...don't know why, but they did!

Kelly said...

Okay, now I know Big H got upset about the puddles on the trampoline, but I that is some funny stuff. Where in the world do they come up with this stuff?!?! Lucy would totally do that.

So glad that Buz is home all week. That is great. I really hope that the hospital project goes well. Sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe we will tag along one outing if you don't mind.

Jenna said...

I decided that I need to try and come up with some new things to say in your comments section.

It's just that when I click on comments after reading, I always have this uncontrollable urge to say things like, "I LOVE THIS. I WANT TO COME BE YOUR REAL LIFE FRIEND AND GO PICK UP STICKS AND EAT TOSTADAS."

But I am trying to play DOWN the crazy, so just know I am working on some new and innovative ways to say that your family is precious and I love ya'll. :-)

Beck said...

goo? will you come kiss davy's teeth? cuz I think she bonked them - they're hurting her.

that would've melted me as well...

Anonymous said...

A whole week together!!! Heaven!!!

I love the mailman relationship! That's awesome!