Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunday february 15 2009

this weekend has been weird. buz has been in a bit of a funk. and he would admit it. probably. but the mood around our house has been less than UPBEAT and PERKY.

started friday when my parade got a bit rained on. remember my cute and fancy valentine treats for my kiddos? yeah, well. mental note: read the note that the school sends home about the peanut/tree nut policy. so, i've known that our school has a VERY strict peanut/tree nut policy. very strict. totally fine. because you know what? if my kid was one of the ones with the peanut/tree nut allergy, i'd want it strictly enforced. so when your child celebrates their birthday at school, you can't bring anything homemade. you have to bring something store bought or snacks that are already pre-made in a box.

yeah, so my precious little white chocolate-covered marshmallows on lollipop sticks with sprinkles? and my white chocolate-covered pretzel rods with sprinkles?

got confiscated before they were ever seen by anyone.

and i was one of the moms working the valentine's party at school. and i had the teacher pull me aside and inform me that they had taken big h's valentine off of the "goodies." i was so embarrassed. i LOVE this teacher, which made it an even worse pill to swallow. and poor big h. when they were ready to pass out the valentine's, he looked at me with puppy dog eyes and asked, "mama, where are my yoyyipops?"

and i had to say, "well, mom was an IDIOT and didn't read the note your teachers sent home that said that your valentine's had to be prepackaged."

(ok, i didn't really say that. but i wanted to.)

and i'll be honest, i was bummed the rest of the day. but we went to the park and had an awesome time. see pictures updated on friday's post.

yesterday, i got to see a very sweet family that i haven't seen in several months. last time we saw each other, their oldest was eighteen months and their youngest was about six months. well, now they are both walking and talking up a storm. will show you sneak peaks soon.

and then, we spent the rest of the day just being together. we headed to souper salad for dinner. yummy.

someone tell me why i'm making this nutty face. and my daughter who made her own tie-dye shirt. she's clever. or just really, really messy all. the. time. she really is the dirtiest, messiest child i've ever known.

also, things have been weird around the house because big h still has his canker sores. yes, multiple ones. pediatrician says there is nothing we can do to prevent them. but the weird part? big h hasn't spoken all weekend. because his mouth hurts. it has been SO quiet around here. and not in a good way. in a "we kind of miss when big h talks so much" kind of way. bless his heart. if they aren't better by tomorrow, we're heading over to see dr. g.

(awkward segue)

when big was ready for a big boy bed, we got him a twin over full bunk bed. he has always slept on the bottom. because when he first got a big boy bed, there was NO WAY he was going to be sleeping near the ceiling. and at one point, he asked if we could take the top bunk off because it was scary. well, this week he asked me if we could put the top back on. so today, we shopped for a mattress and some sheets. the mattress? almost like buying a used car. oh my. luckily, buz did all of it. then, we bought batman sheets at pottery barn kids. big h was so excited.

we got home, and THEY (yes, big h AND goo) had to try it out. we had to be clear with goo about the rules of being on the top bunk. seriously, i feel like such a drag sometimes. with all of my rules and whatnot.

and well, she bonked her head anyway. and because i'm a terrible mom, i took pictures of it. and they're cruddy because i was more interested in capturing the moment vs. capturing the right exposure or whatever.

here she is before the trauma.

la la la. look at us, daddy. we having PUN! just playing on this top bunk up so tall.

hey dad. see us? isn't this fun? (just so you know, i'm so NOT going to sleep here tonight because i will be too scared.) but isn't it a fun place to play?

daddy, i bonk-ud my head. daddy, i have boo boo on my head. i bonk-ud it.

seriously. poor me. why didn't i listen to you or mom? that really hurt. why didn't you tell me not to jump on this bed? oh. you did? oops. guess i should've listened.

at this moment, big h is not sleeping on his brand new mattress and (way too expensive for a five-year-old) sheets. nice. guess goo will have a sweet set-up when she needs a mattress for her big girl bed.

anyway, it hasn't been a bad weekend. just not an unbelievable awesome one. make sense?

and buz goes back to work tomorrow. and i'm sad. and i KNOW big h is sad. and goo. well, she probably doesn't even know to care. that's just how she rolls.

today, i am thankful for the little things that big h does that make him "little" to me still. lately, i have been VERY sad about him getting older. playing with older toys. talking about older things. not talking about things that he used to talk about. :( not cuddling. not wanting to watch a show with goo because "it's kind of for littler kids." and he's growing out of a LOT of his clothes. i have just been really sad. mourning his toddlerhood, really. and so today. all four of us were in his room. goo and i were coloring. yes, i was coloring too. i love to color. so therapeutic. and he and buz were building things with legos. shocker. he left the room for a minute. and all of the sudden, he came back in, sat on my lap, and colored with me. without saying anything. and i SURE didn't say anything either. it was perfection. i knew FULL WELL that it was a little gift that God was handing down to me at that very moment. and buz noticed it too. "best part of your day, right?" he's so insightful.

no school tomorrow, so we're playing with one of my best pals at a park. will be good to be outside.

and tuesday. is big h's parent/teacher conference. really? he's old enough for me to have a parent/teacher conference? praying that i take what they have to say objectively. this will surprise you, but i have a tendency to take things really personally. really, really personally.

and that's about it for a while.


Jenna said...

I love you, my friend!!!

Kelly said...

Another similarity between our girls - the messy food thing. Well, you witnessed Lucy at her prime with the spaghetti sauce. You would think I would know better than to order her anything with red sauce, but the thing is, she normally eats it fairly well, so it is worth the mess to me.

I bet it was hard to see Buz go to work this morning. It is easy to get extremely spoiled when they are home! said...

the photo of goo all snuggled in close to you at souper salad ... wonderful! (okay, so you do look a little nutty ;o)

coloring is so therapeutic isn't it?! i just discovered this over the last couple years! it is sad to see them grow ... too fast!

oh and the picture sequence and story of the bunk bed cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

The Bean totally would have bonked her head on the ceiling too. One day they'll figure out that we often know what we're talking about!