Thursday, February 12, 2009

thursday february 12 2009

so, i was thinking...want me to start coming up with more creative titles? or stick with the date? even though it says it twice right under the under one? just a thought.

took big h to school and goo and i hung out most of the morning, just kickin' it, having some java. well, i had java. goo rocked it with her OJ. i came to the conclusion this morning. i don't like the tiramisu flavored creamer. even though i like the dessert. the creamer? not so much.

big h has yet another canker sore. on both the top and bottom lip, this time. have talked to the pediatrician several times, and he says there is nothing to prevent them from happening. so we mix our 'swoosh swoosh' (1/2 maalox, 1/2 benadryl) and either apply it by magic wand (q-tip) or swoosh swoosh it. that's a technical term, by the way. and if you're, he absolutely does NOT like this one little bit. but once i ask if he'd like to eat or drink anything within the next three days, he usually says 'fine.' way to go, little man.

this afternoon was good. i worked on projects for big h and goo's school. and don't feel sorry for me. i did this to myself. somehow i signed up for the valentine party. for both kids. luckily, i don't actually have to attend goo's party. they are too young to have mommies come. so the other mom is bringing cupcakes and icing for the kiddos to ice themselves. crazy. and then, i am bringing these to have laminated and then the kiddos are going to decorate them with stickers. then, i made valentine's for her class with pretzels and chocolate and sprinkles. then, i am going to actually go to the party for big h's class. they are going to decorate paper bags for their valentines. then, we are reading valentine's books. and i made valentine's for big h with some marshmallows and chocolate and sprinkles.

when i picked big h up from school, i had promised him we would check out this comic book store right by our house. because they had the superman shield and batman symbol in the window. and every. day. big h asks if we can go in because he is just SURE it is a toy store. and because i can, you know, READ, i assured him it was NOT a toy store but a comic book store. but we went anyway because i made a promise to him. um, the comic book store? has "figures." every possible superhero and collectible figurine. and i'll be honest. i love that big h loves batman and spiderman and superman because they defeat the bad guys. but the batman, spiderman, and superman that i love are the ones on gap t-shirts and on pottery barn kids quilts. not the completely freaky, nasty figures that reside on creepy comic book stores that resemble used CD stores. and now...he has determined he LOVES star wars. oh. my. c'mon, big h. what about baby mozart? or blues clues? i mean, i know you're five and all. but this stuff? is almost too much for this doesn't-want-her-baby-boy-to-get-older mama to take. next, he's going to be answering my questions with 'whatever.'

we had dinner with my parents, so my mom could hand off possibly the cutest red and white heart leggings for goo to wear to school tomorrow. tough call...what should she wear with them?

and now i'm doing what i do best. procrastinate and 'work' at night. good times.

what i'm thankful for? a husband who helped me with every part of every project i decided to take on. the marshmallows. the pretzels. cutting the ribbon to tie everything together. helping big h put all of the kids' names on their valentine's. buz, you're the best. i couldn't ask for anything more. seriously. you are IT.

shocker. goo upset by something. it is incredibly hard to be two. just ask her. she'll tell you of her woes.

goo's school valentine.

big h's school valentine.

they're corny. i know.

and an example of what everyone in goo's class will get to decorate.


Kelly said...

I LOVE their valentines. Not corny to me at all. I think they are awesome. You are such a great mom to take on all of these projects. Way to go! Everything is going to be perfect.

stalker amy said...

i'm stealing your class valentines designs for next year!

windyday said...

corny whatever!!! I love your everyday post. I think posting daily is hard enough so I would stick with the date unless a fitting title hits you.

R said...

title, schmitle. doesn't matter to me what you call it! i just love reading 'em. :0)

and your parents? a-dor-a-ble! now i see where you get your lovely smile. :0)

Anonymous said...

Your valentines are precious.
Forgive me, but isn't tiramisu a coffee-flavored dessert?
Seems redundant to make a coffee creamer based on a coffee-flavored dessert.
But that's just me.
Anyway, it's your blog, you name 'em whatever works for you. I'm just so glad you let us all read them :)

(As an aside, whenever anyone says "lots and lots" or whenever I read it, I always hear it as "yots and yots". And then I think of you. Now that? It's corny.)

Anonymous said...

Those valentines are adorable!

Poor big h with the cankers. Those are miserable!