Saturday, February 07, 2009

saturday february 7 2009

well, to fill you in. apparently, big h kicked tail last night at his sleepover. he slept in the boy's trundle bed. and i guess the boy wanted him to sleep with him so that he wouldn't be alone. and big h kept saying no. and while the mom was listening from outside the door, big h said, "look. you have your bunny. i have my batman. see? you won't be alone."

and then at the end of the evening, he went downstairs and told the mom and dad, "i'm sorry. i forgot to tell mr. _______ good night. good night, mr. ____."

dude, i freaking love my kid.

and i guess he woke up at 4am, went downstairs asking for his friend (who was in his own bed). the mom took big h back upstairs, and he was out in a matter of seconds. we have a sleepwalker? who knew?

the highlight came this morning when i went to get him and he said, "mama. you gotta come look. i got tattoos this morning!"

and he had two different little batman tattoos on each forearm. he's so tough.

he was so quiet on the way home and just kept saying, "i'm sorry i'm not talking, mama. i'm just a little bit sleepy, and it feels good on my mouth to let it not move for a minute."

we got home, and he was THRILLED to show daddy his tattoo, and he immediately snuggled right up on the couch with goo and watched some saturday morning cartoons. clearly, she was so glad to have him back as part of her "normal."

buz and i got a lot done around the house today. cleaning, organizing. nothing too exciting. we waited too long to put goo down for her nap. so we thought we would just all get under the covers and watch toy story together. but she ended up having a snack and that woke her right up. so to say she was a bit tired tonight? understatement.

we went to the park this afternoon. so much fun. i realized when i put goo's clothes on this morning (it was warm), that she has grown A TON since last time she wore warm weather clothes. the outfit was way too tight. but changing her multiple times a day is a true beating. so i just let it go. and OH MY. she looked a little "shady."

had some dinner, bathed them, and put her down. she was night night in seconds. big h is spending some time with dad. and then buz and i got chinese take out and are going to watch a movie.

tomorrow, my pal sarah is coming to church with us. big h loves her son. so it will be fun to hang out afterwards. should be a great day tomorrow.

thankful for? big h's speech. it has come SO FAR. the fact that the kid who talks non-stop now didn't say a single word other than "sugga sugga" is completely amazing to me. and though they are a few times i would like to say out loud, "DUDE. stop for about five seconds. just rest." 99% of the time, i love listening to it. because it is God's miracle.


R said...

that photo of goo climbing up the ladder at the playground is stunning! it has a lovely vintage quality to it. i have several pictures of my aunt as a little girl, and i am completely in love with them. that photo reminds me of what those looked like. :0)

Kelly said...

So glad Big H did so well at the sleepover. Your pics are gorgeous today, as always. Hope you have a great Sunday tomorrow.

Colored With Memories said...

wow...i'm very impressed with his sleepover abilities...AND his word...he had me cracking up at the crack of dawn.

that is hard to do Big H.