Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tuesday january 27 2009

seriously. it's 9pm?

how? is it 9pm?

today was weird. that's the only way to explain it.

first of all, to let you know...goo is better.

second. since i plan on doing this whole everyday thing, i need to be clear about something. i will have bad days. big h will have bad days. and so will goo. and buz too.

so mom? don't be sad for me if goo has an off day. we're ok. and if we're not, i'll let you know. :)

oh, and another thing? the really meaty stuff? that's saved for my journal. so for the record, my life is not peachy all the time. i know...hard to believe. :) i'm not a great mommy. and not a great wife. but i try really hard at both.

not to mention, God is awesome.

so we've been hearing all the reports of HUGE FREEZE OF '09 that was supposed to start today. goo and i took big h to school. there were about 8 kids from his class there. goo and i played and played. and i had some fabulous coffee and folded clothes while she and i played house. and i so did it wrong several times before being completely banned from any house-playing. so i went back to folding clothes.

i was JUST about to put her down for her nap when i just happened to check my email and find that school was releasing early. so we went and picked up big h and came back home. goo took a dinky nap, and big h played. buz ended up coming home early, and it was nice to have everyone together so early.

and my manly husband built a fire. awesome. um, AWESOME!

i love wool sock weather.

am thinking we might have a pyro on our hands.

we had dinner, and big h was ready for his bath. we bathed them and watched story time theater. goo wanted to go to sleep in big h's astronaut helmet, which she did. but for you safety nuts, we've seen in the monitor that she never did keep it on. but wow, she's quirky like that.

and now i'm listening to the sound of the sleet hit my bedroom window while buz plays PlayStation. (big sigh) they are SO not going to have school tomorrow. it's not that i don't want to hang out with them and drink hot cocoa because i do. but i have a big to-do list that i only have two days out of the week to get done. and tomorrow is one of them.

but i'm going to resolve to make lemonade out of lemons. that's a WHOLE DAY that i get to spend with BOTH of my kiddos.

don't let this fool you. look closely. look who's behind her.

see? she's in heaven. got her boys right where she wants them.

she was actually pretty worn out from the work we gave her.

they decided they needed to live it up right before bathtime. so meet our exterminator.

and super goo.

best part of my day? reading my real simple magazine with a blanket, right in front of the fire and looking over at my three favorite people perfectly content. thank you, Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you on the "not a great mom" "not a great wife, but try really hard at both" I'm convinced that's more than half the battle. God blesses a willing heart!

I love the photo of everyone snuggling on the couch. Perfect!

Kelly said...

I really love the picture of all three of your most favorite people on the couch together. And I feel quite certain that you are a great mom and wife. We all feel like we aren't most of the time though.

R said...

i'm sorry to do this. again. i just can't help myself from commenting on every single thing in your posts!!

i've always wondered this about bloggers...do you also journal every day? this might turn into an email conversation. :0)

"dinky nap"...love that. will totally be borrowing it!

LOVE your fireplace mantle...love it. for real.

i have that broom vac too. mine's pink. in a sea of all black appliances. not sure what i was thinking there...but it does make me happy! :0) i have a love-hate relationship with mine. do you like yours? again, perhaps we'll email about this later. if you're reeeeally bored sometime!

all of these photos look plain fun. i'm so excited to be adding a son to our mix! :0)

aimee said...

Hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you guys! Stay warm and safe!

j.ro said...

first off, the static hair flare shot on your blog banner ... awesome! i love all these photos janet ... especially goo and her boys!

Alana said...

We are doing the same thing at our house...and loving it! We are on day 2, anticipating a possible day 3 tomorrow. Love the beautiful pictures..as usual!