Monday, January 05, 2009


because this is my online diary of sorts, i feel the need to "get out" some things about my sweet, angelic daughter.

who has been a *tad* less sweet and angelic these days.

just to remind her in a couple of years.

(deep breath)

goo did not have a nap today. mistake #1 on mama's part. it was cold and rainy. all day. in fact, it's still cold and rainy. and i'll be honest, i LOVE cold and rainy days. but more with buz, a blanket, some hot cocoa, and a good chic movie.

i think goo would've rather jumped on the trampoline.

and last time i checked, i think it's bad to jump on a trampoline when there is ice on it. am i right?

she didn't wake up until 915. NINE FIFTEEN, PEOPLE. so i knew nap time would be a little off. the only thing on our agenda was to get my dad a birthday present (which is tomorrow). i asked big h what we should get papa, and he replied just as serious as anything, "legos. because he's got some in his closet, but he must not be allowed to open them. so we need to get him something he can play with."

and so off to US Toy we went. and got legos and hats for big h and goo.

but i kid you not. none of my discipline strategies worked today. none. and what's weird. i can vividly remember this all with big h. and still -- some days i have no hope that goo will be a happily functioning member of society. some days i feel that she will be sad everyday. every. day. because i believe 85% of her day today was spent whining and whimpering and saying no to everything. and clothing choice disapproval. and breakfast choice disapproval. and getting in the car choice disapproval.

(another deep breath)

and to end the day. she would NOT sit in the bathtub. seriously. so we essentially gave her a standing sponge bath and didn't bother washing her hair. she cried so hard the entire bath. got out and cried so hard in my arms with a towel around her. and then i sang to her in her room once she had her jammies on. (i know...the singing might've had something to do with her tears at that point.) and when i put her down, she cried. i knew she would. and then i heard from the other room:

i uh NOT stop cuh-yi-ing! i uh NOT stop cuh-yi-ing!

i uh NOT happy. i uh NOT happy.

oh my. seriously. is this what i have to look forward to?

so, friends? especially those who knew me when big h was this age? he was like this, right? it will get better, right?

because to paraphrase my pal life in progress, apparently is impossible for me to birth unopinionated children.


Colored With Memories said...

oh my. i didn't know you then...well actually, i guess i don't truly "know" you i'll refrain.

but did she ever stop cuh-yi-ing??

yesterday and today were like that with jade and she is only 18 months. maybe the weather?

the only thing i will say...having a 4 year old girl...girls are much more expect a lot more verbal abuse over the next times!

Jenna said...

Oh my my. Poor goo. And mostly poor mama.

I have no words of wisdom although I did make up a game (out of complete and utter despair) called "The Fussin' Finger" with the boys today. Once they start crying or fussing about something I hold up my pointer finger and say FUSSIN FINGER! Then they do the same, we lock our fingers and once they are locked I told them it MAGICALLY stops the fussing. Then we can talk about it and figure out the solution to whatever lame problem they are not happy about. Like you know, the wrong sippy cup color or something equally devastating.

Of course, it has had about a 30% success rate today, so what do I know. :-)

Hope tomorrow is better!!! Love you!

R said...



today was the loooooongest day EVer for me and the girls. i'm with kerry--i think it must be the weather. we didn't even get out today because of it, so i think we had cabin fever.

and jenna's idea? brill. absolute brill. i'm totally going to try it tomorrow!

don't read my blog post today. it won't make you feel any better.!

Anonymous said...

The Bean seems to go through seasons like this. We're currently in a fairly good patch, but I'm noticing that my could care less child has become quite opinionated. I have NO idea where she gets that from. Since it doesn't come through the keyboard, the previous sentence should be read with sarcasm just oozing from every word.

Hope there's less crying today!

Life In Progress said...

Poor goo. All I can tell you is that I've felt your pain - you know I have. Sending you prayers for a better day today.

Janelle said...

Friend! Some days are like that. Little girls have the same hormones that us mommies have. It always takes me by surprise, too.

Sure love you and hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Big Mama said...

It will get better.

And then it will start again when she's about twelve, except her pronounciation of "crying" will be better.

Bless your heart.

Casey said...

i think we forget "what it was like". i'm sorta having that w/ samuel--not sleeping. ugh. i get a 4 hr. stretch at night, just once, and then the rest of the night, he's up every couple of hours. i keep thinking that i don't remember the other boys being like this, but then i remind myself that he's only 5 months old & that he will eventually have decent sleeping habits :) which means i might actually get to sleep again some day! ughh. sorry for your hard day, friend. it WILL get better!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Oh my gosh, friend. Did you try drugging her? Seriously, when my kids are in a funk, I turn to Motrin. It solves the problem at least half the time. More than half.

stalker amy said...

we had a stand-in-the-bath-with-tears with our 2 year old last night too. (the kid who asks several times a day to take a bath.) it was also a no-dinner night for this one as he disapproved of the two meals set forth in front of him. see? just remember, while it's happening to you, be comforted in knowing others are also in the depths. i do hold out hope that it gets better. although, not sure i'd recommended otc meds to cure the blues...for reals?

Carrie said...

Awww...sorry your day was so bad!!! We just had a MOPS meeting about perspective today, and how all of these stages go by so fast---so I'm sure it will pass for you- hopefully quickly! :(

Carrie said...
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Marino said...

Big Jan...oh my friend I am so sorry and I will tell you what you have told me many times, just wait and you will be amazed at who she is this time next year! ha ha! I swear though everytime I start marveling at how sweet and precious and wonderful Sarah is, the girl completely turns on me the next day!!! And, it usually works the other way too, just when I think she couldn't possibly get any worse, sure enough the next day she's a sweetheart here's to tomorrow and sweetness!