Thursday, January 22, 2009


i'm getting this done so that tonight i can snuggle with buz and watch thursday night tv. i heart thursday night so much. almost the weekend. fun shows. fun time just my spouse and me.

today was a great day. took big h to school. that kid gets so pumped every morning to go to school. he LOVES it. loves learning. loves structure. loves adults. loves his little friends. and i'll be honest (because i am his mama), LOVES when goo and i pick him up. i won't lie -- it always sucks waking goo up EVERY TIME from her nap. but in her nap-induced stupor, she always says when we're getting in the car, "go get big h?" while introducing me to muh (pink blanket). seriously, i've been introduced to muh so many times, i lost count about a year ago. but you know you're in when she introduces you to muh.

we came home and played. and colored. and finally cuddled while watching her "before nap" show.

in an effort to make me more hip, my rad mother-in-law purchased some of these for me. i know. i'm a running shoe/keen kind of gal. but she saw them on someone in beverly hills and decided i needed to have some. and goo too. but goo in her two-and-a-half-ness got the less expensive version.

so i pranced around the house in them and felt very sassy. even though it was EIGHTY-TWO degrees here today.

(big sigh)

so goo went night night and i piddled around the house, getting nothing accomplished. something i thoroughly enjoy.

we headed to get big h, and due to the current temperature, we went straight to sonic for happy hour and then to the park.

great day. now we're about to make animals and logs out of toothpicks and nibs.

good times.

instead of saying the best part of my day, i'm sharing something i'm thankful for.

my in-laws.

now before you go spitting out your drink...

i know some aren't fortunate to have a fun relationship with their in-laws. and that makes me sad. but my mother-in-law truly adores me. and i'm only saying that because she tells me all. the. time. she is generous with my children. she is generous with me. i talk to her almost everyday, and i wouldn't have it any other way. after she bought me my boots and i told her how awesome they were, she ordered a pair for herself. she's cute like that. and my father-in-law? for his birthday this summer, we got him a gift certificate to REI, and he bought (under duress) a pair of keens. he is the hippest guy around. he is WAY witty, and the banter between the two of us rocks the house.

oh, and they created a rad son. my man. and i couldn't be more thankful about that.

2009 might be a tough year for picture-a-day for my kids. it's only january, and this is how they're feeling about having a camera in their face.


Colored With Memories said...

oh, how rough it must be to be a photographer's kid...they'll thank you later.

i love that you love your in-laws and that they love you. i've got nearly the same situation going on here...i hope at least. mine are just great. it is a rare thing, huh?

if we ever do get to meet, i will be hopeful that goo will introduce me to "muh"...oh the pressure!

R said...

i love your day today!! i so wanted to get the girls to the park, but it didn't happen. sonic did, though! :0)

i do hope they'll let you continue to take photos this year--your pictures are eye candy for me!!!

Kelly said...

We were outside all day today. It was awesome. I love these little days that sneak in and surprise us. Of course, it usually makes us all get sick, but it was so great to be outside in the warmth.

Goo and Big H will get used to the picture a day. Each day I tell Lucy we have to get a few pictures for the day and I ask her if she has anything special she wants to do. She never does, but for whatever reason she doesn't mind it after we "talk" about it. And well, Annie is so nice, easy, and immobile, which makes her no challenge at all.

And finally, yes, we call Lucy several nicknames involving the word Goose - Lucy Goose, Lucy Goosey, The Goose, Goose, etc. I actually searched high and low for a goose Halloween costume for her for her first Halloween. I never could find one, only ducks and she is not called Lucy Duck so that just wasn't going to work. Much more info than you bargained for, huh?

You are doing GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

The Bean has been having that reaction to the camera too. "No more pictures!"

Anonymous said...

great day "just jan!" love hearing about it and so envy your relationship with your in laws. such fun.

and the boots?! sassin' it up!