Thursday, May 24, 2007

one of my biggest motherhood accomplishments

...was accomplished by someone else.

won't go into detail re: the day today. because you're already cross-eyed from reading the one this morning.

but tonight was a HUGE breakthrough for big h and me.

i was so fed up with the medicine saga. he kept telling me that the only medicine he would take was "the pink one." but every time i would try to give it, he wouldn't budge, and it would be this horrible sight of limbs being restricted and pink sticky stuff splattered on mommy's face and t-shirt.

so i remembered we had bought some of these one time. i threw caution to the wind and prayed that the good Lord would have pity on my weary, sleep-deprived soul.

and He did.

buz was putting the goo down, so it was just big h and me. he was taking his bath, and i went and got the miracle drug. he wasn't budging. until i asked if he wanted mommy to have one with him. he is still SO hoarse, so he whispered an affirmative response.

so i did. and he did. and we heard heavenly laughter and there was much rejoicing. and he wanted more and more of the "fruit treats."

how do you tell your 3 1/2-year-old that he can't have more medicine?


Big Mama said...

Meltaways are the greatest ever and I'm so sad I didn't mention them earlier, seeing as how I'm a doctor and all. Caroline will now fake ailments so she can get the delicious medicine that melts in her mouth.