Tuesday, May 01, 2007

i've put it off long enough

well, way to go, buz. you've managed to stop me in my tracks. at this point, i am completely unsuccessful at composing anything. no witty response. nothing tender. nothing at all. nice.

to all you new buz fans -- yes, he is like this all the time. but don't think i didn't prompt him to write some of those. he was coming home from a business trip in late march. he was stuck in the airport for what seemed like forever. he had read most of his man reads (entertainment weekly; football, football, and more football; playstation hints for all games sports-related; and NFL today), eaten all the snacks he could stomach, and played enough solitaire on his blackberry to know the hidden secret behind the game. so when he was talking to me on the phone one of 24 times, he said, "honestly, i don't know what else to do. i have literally done everything i can think of." and i thought that the most obvious choice would be to write me a love letter.

because that is, after all, my love language.

so he did.

and yes, i printed it out, and it is now in my diaper bag. the most logical place for it. the one item i carry everywhere, right?

my first thought was to write something back to him. but that is not his thing. because i'm such a good wife, i know his love language. and his love language is NOT cute little notes of encouragement left in cute little hidden places to find only at cute little unexpected times.

i wish it was. but it's not.

it's acts of service. darn you, buz. couldn't you have picked another one? acts of service. we're talking cooking dinner, having a clean house, those june cleaver things. that's what makes his toes tingle. *big sigh*

oh, and those things, by the way, are very hard to publicize. buz can secretly get into my blog and profess his love for me throughout the internet, and i get 53 freaking comments (thank you, boomama). you know what would happen if i decided to do the same?

so today, i cooked a mean mexican casserole for buz. and i vacuumed and swept. i had candles lit when he walked in the door. both children were playing quietly in the living room, while reciting the bible verses they learned at church this morning. the sheets were folded down with a mint on his pillow. i cleaned his car, inside and out, while he was sleeping. there was not a single dish out of place in the kitchen. no streaks on the mirrors or windows. oh, and no hint of a poop smell anywhere in the house.

i know what are you thinking? that i have an ego problem. RIGHT!

and buz secretly posts and everyone, including me, of course, swoons.

so why did i get the love language of words of encouragement and he got acts of service???

ok, so i'm a little dramatic. i realize this.

anyhoo...the neat part about all of this is that my sweet buz got nationally recognized. buz is one of those guys who will forever fly under the radar. and that is what attracted me to him.

now, i could comment on some of the things he loves about me, but my face would just turn red, and i would get embarrassed. so i won't. but rest assured -- almost all of them have stories associated with them. perhaps stories that i will post later.

you did it, buz. you finally got some credit for who you are. and i love that.

in other news...

  • my parents are home from italy. and word is my mom purchased a handbag. for me. praise be to the Lord.
  • while we're on the subject of my parents...um, yeah. their house sold while they were in italy. let me say this in a different way. the only house that i have memory of was sold.
  • and what that means. my parents are moving here!!! about 45 minutes away! and it's going to be a lot sooner than i thought.
  • got to see miss georgia again. is there a more beautiful combination than babies and handbags?

  • sunday night was belated birthday celebration for weentrab. and to inform you just how fun she is. we had dinner and headed out for a shopping spree. yeah, i know how to live it up. the condition for the spree was that she had $30 that she had to spend that night, while we were there. and it could not be spent on practical stuff. (i.e. no tweezers, batteries, toilet paper, etc.) so we (i say we because c'mon, would it really be fun to spend $$ by yourself?) each bought 2 pairs of shoes. now that is how to spend a sunday night. thanks, weentrab. have i mentioned that i love being pals with you?
and well, that's all i have. oh! and soon to be posted. some samples of my first "real" photography session? can't post until he and his parents see them. but just know -- i wouldn't doubt that this high school senior will be a force to be reckoned with in the ladies' department. stay tuned. (weentrab, you're so impressed, huh?)


Weentrab said...

I *am* so impressed with your senior session-can't wait until you post it for all the world to see!

I had to laugh at Buz's love language...that's probably my dh's as well (darn him).

and hey-I wore my new star shoes last night!!! I was HAWT! ;)

Jenn M said...

ooooo, I can't wait to see the senior session!

Love the background to the now famous love letter, thanks for sharing.

I want to see the walmart shoes too, love me some big box bargains!

kittyhox said...

My husband and I also have different love languages.

And yes, his love language is also "service." Sigh. On the plus side, this means he is always serving me. Very nice. However, this also means that if I want to demonstrate my love for him I sould probably turn off my laptop and bake him something.


I would much rather write him a sonnet!

But. Your husband's list was super sweet. And I'm sure it was just payback for all the kind things you do for him and for your family!

Jaime said...

janet! i found your blog from markeyro's website. so fun! it's been forever.

i'm glad that don & nanc are moving down your way. we got jason's parents to move to NWA last summer & my mom & grandma moved over just a couple of month ago.

hope our paths cross soon.

Jaime said...

oh... www.jasonandjaime.com

happy mom's day.