Thursday, May 17, 2007

knock knock. who's there?

me! us! (fyi: buz doesn't care for knock knock jokes, so i decided to use one to see if he was still reading.) where have i been, you, my mother-in-law and the other person who reads this, ask?

couldn't tell ya. trying to go to bed before freaking TWELVE O'CLOCK! that's for sure. geez. what is my freaking problem? it's that second wind, i tell you. the freaking second wind. (i just keep saying freaking. it's fun. say it. freaking, freaking, freaking.) theme for tonight? nope. as always, lots of things on my mind.

1. big h no longer calls himself "ah-nee." he says, "hen-uh-ree." we're mourning the loss of one of the last "baby words" of big h. the last to go will be noh-nee (milk). he doesn't even call the goo "gree-ya" anymore. it's "guh-retta." (and it is spoken with a beautiful Spanish accent.)

2. big h has his last day of MDO on tuesday. another loss to mourn. i don't know who will be more sad -- mommy or big h.

3. had the school carnival today, and mommies got to come. i got a sitter for the goo. i really thought he would be so touched by my selfless act. you know, the one where i communicated my love for him by making this "our" day. and his response was, "why couldn't baby come? i missssssss her, mama." so much for my selfless act. speaking of carnival day. big h helped create a beautiful memory for me to cling to and record in the baby book. or right here on the internet. when i went to pick him this afternoon, i noticed a VERY uncoordinated outfit on little man. i'll be honest, i do my best to dress big h pretty snazzy when he goes to school. i mean, there are girls there, people. so he was in a lovely turquoise ocean-themed t-shirt that was ENTIRELY too small with some khaki shorts that i believe we were either a 5 (with no T at the end) or a size sold in the juniors' department. definitely no T at the end of the size of these shorts. or coolotts (i can't believe i don't know how to spell them), as i believe my mom would have referred to them. they informed me that at potty time (when all the children get a chance to go potty or at least make sure they have clean pants on right before the mommies come), they noticed a smell. a poop smell. they figured out it was coming from his direction. and lo and behold, there was the smell -- and the object -- on the floor. big h had already gone poop before time, didn't tell anyone, and was ready to take his pull up off. only, like a diaper. nice. so they had to move the entire class into the empty classroom next to theirs because they had the church janitor "professionally" clean the carpet. you know, because they were afraid the other kids were going to step in and make an even bigger mess. that's my boy.

anyway, the carnival.

yes, he's getting his face painted

ringing the bell, of course

the infamous "my best friend called CJ"

i despise the "say cheese" smile

4. the goo has started pulling up to things. and standing. not crawling, mind you. just pulling up and standing. and then falling and bonking her head. and crying. poor goo.

5. we had a really cute picture taken of the goo and big h. henry thought it was a piece of paper. and highlighted it. thank you, dear.

6. we dedicated sweet goo this past weekend. yes, mother's day. it was a wonderful day.

yes, there's really a bow in her hair

7. big h is really showing his intelligent side. he was trying to find something. diego-related. buz brought something to him that he thought was the missing object. "nope, that's the sloth." wait, what? so he brought something else. "no, dad. that's the tapir." right. we're idiots around here.

8. i'm sure you've been wondering if i'm ever going to show you my snazzy senior pictures. well, today is your day. i have been SO PUMPED about them. i think the mom likes them. but she has family in town and hasn't had time to really look at them. but they are photos from my first "real" session. weentrab was so proud. or so she said. i mean, don't you want to take him to your prom? or hire him for your modeling agency? (assuming you, the reader, have a modeling agency?)

9. next week is the week. going to visit my house for the last time. this is the house i grew up in. moved when i was in first grade. had sleepovers in. (actually, that's a lie. i was the dorky girl who didn't really like having sleepovers at her own house because it would get too loud. i know, i know -- bless my heart. someone from elementary school -- PLEASE post a comment here. confirming that i wasn't a total social outcast.) where i took tap, jazz, softball, and baton. yes, baton swirling. i was a vision of loveliness in my white long-sleeve yet very, very short dress, cuffed with silver sparkles, white boots, and white gloves. christmas parade and all. where casey frenchbraided my hair really, really tight before we would go catch the school bus. where i met kelly, my best friend, my equivalent to gulley. where i recovered from back surgery as an elementary school kid. twice. where i accepted the Lord. where i got ready for my junior prom with matt. what a dream of a boyfriend he was. now he is a husband and father to a very lucky girl. where i introduced buz to my father. where buz decided that i was the one. where i slept the night before i got married. anyway, you get it. this house has a lot of memories. so i am taking biscuit and her son, and we are making a road trip. one with kids. but it should be fun. having a playdate with two of my friends growing up and their children. surreal. and will probably take a lot of pictures of the house. because i'm like that.

10. big h is in his room right now asking for one of us. knocking on the door. needing assistance. and his two requests? one for more energy. he's just running out of energy and needs more. maybe he can have something from the kitchen to give him more energy? two for the opportunity to watch the movie where he could get his head in the game. (i.e. high school musical) he's only watched that part of the movie over at his cousin's. but he LOVES that song. i think the kid has rhythm. and i love it. but i don't believe we will be able to oblige either request. sorry, little man. but A+ for creativity.

11. i'm very, very sorry to those of you out there who were/are sad about melinda going home last night. i've been pro-jordin this entire journey. and buz is VERY pro-blake. in fact, i received my very own voicemail from blake on my cell. beat-boxing his love to me. it was great. so boomama, my condolences.

12. c'mon tessa, the social worker. buz and i are pulling for you next week. even though, we realize that statistically you two won't stay together anyway. speaking of, anyone know the current status on charlie and sarah b? you know, sarah b and i worked at the same hospital. i'm cool like that.

13. thank you to the producers of the office. the last 5 minutes had me all giddy. notice the word had.

14. until i watched grey's anatomy. for those of you who watch it but have not watched it yet, please do not read ahead.


there. that's all i had to say about that.

so i think that's it. oh, i forgot. to tell you what i'm listening to on the ipod right now. shape of my heart by the backstreet boys. and in case you're wondering, kevin is my favorite. buz gets jealous of my teenage girl crush. but to let you in on how much this guy loves me. he took me to a backstreet boys concert when we were "just friends." (the "just friends" saga could be a post in itself.)

sometimes i just want to eat them both up...


R said...

J, would you please, oh PLEASE post some photos of you in the baton twirling get-up?! I simply cannot picture it in my head!

I'm getting tired of Grey's...GASP! Yep, that's what I said. This season I've found myself wanting to get up and clean house more than stay planted to watch it.

Think you'll be watching Addison's new show? I'm indifferent so far...

Anonymous said...

Since when do I not like knock knock jokes?

Kelly from Montana said...

you make me miss you so much whenever you blog!!! Please slide across the kitchen floor in your socks when you go to Georgetown Dr. Thanks for liking Kevin the best from BSB b/c I like Brian and I would hate to have to fight you for him:) I love you!

Jenn Miller said...

I can't believe my eyes, a post! Greatness, LOVE every single picture, and am SO intrigued by baton swirling.
Have a great weekend!

casey said...

you were not a social outcast in jr. high or high school. Since I wasn't here, I can't speak for elementary school. And while I don't recall sleepovers at your house, I do recall going there EVERY day after school through jr. high, eating macaroni and cheese, and watching DAYS. And eating SOS that Nance made in the A.M. YUM! See you in a few days!!

Anonymous said...

your family makes me so happy. i love the peek you give on the ol' blog.

agreed on grey's. writing's going downhill just like it did on desperate housewives which i stopped watching all together when grey's appeared on the scene. the only thing i am loathing more than grey's right now? private practice - addison's new show. the cast is too preconceived. just my take.