Sunday, November 12, 2006

i curse you, 10:00 second wind...

gosh, does anyone get a second wind when they truly should NOT be awake? my husband is 6 feet away under the covers sawing logs (i mean, really snoring), clearly enjoying his slumber, and i am at this stupid computer unable to sleep. and yet, the entire day i have been talking about how i can't wait to get into bed and fall fast, fast asleep. no such luck. this happens almost nightly.

so i will inform you of some exciting events in our lives. (ok, probably only exciting to me.) first and foremost, for those of you out there praying, i got through yesterday and today without my husband. it wasn't easy, but i did it. the 3 of us met my buddy kathy for lunch yesterday, and she clearly passed the "henry approval test," which is HUGE! there wasn't much uninterrupted conversation, but i didn't really expect there to be. i was just excited to be out letting henry play and spending time with a buddy. nothing much for the afternoon. we then headed to my sister-in-law's for some pizza for dinner. big h was ecstatic, and greta took 2 ounces from a bottle. ???? way to go, aunt tanna. she actually wanted more, but i didn't bring more because she hasn't eaten from a bottle since brad was in the hospital. but that settled her out of her nighttime craziness. whew! headed home to put the goo to sleep and big h munched on some pizza and watched the heffalump movie with weentrab. bathed him and read him stories in record time. and amazingly, he fell asleep before all of his slumber concerts ceased, including baby tad and TWO fisher price aquariums. yes, he's THREE years old, but he still loves this stuff. weentrab had finished her work before i finished bathing, so the next 3 hours were devoted to some serious girl talk. ahhh...what a wonderful way to end the night. thanks, weentrab.

i am sad to report that we did NOT make it to church. i hate that. we had breakfast, played, napped (well, greta did), and before we knew it, our knight in shining armor came walking through the door with light shining from behind. he was a beacon of hope to our home. hope that says, "daddy's here. everything is better." we missed you, daddy. he had a great, much needed "mental vacation."

this afternoon, we took big h and the goo to their first hoedown, complete with hayrides, campfires, and pony rides. who knew big h would be so "equine inclined?" he absolutely LOVED it! he got on the pony with not a fear in the world! he loved warming his hands by the fire. (brad and i are secretly nervous that he may have a fascination with fire, but we are hoping that it's just a phase that every toddler goes through.) and the hayride was terrific!!! who would have thought? fun was had by all. happy birthday to the davis' twins!

and now it's 10:30, and everyone is asleep but me. curse that second wind. i will at least get in bed and maybe play some pocket solitaire and attempt to knock on that door.

but some pictures from the day...

i mean, the kid LOVES cake! get after it, big h!

have i mentioned that the late afternoon/early evening is NOT the goo's best time of the day? and poor greta. she doesn't even have her own winter hat, so she had to borrow her brother's that apparently was a little too big. (and shocker, you'll notice that it has a train on it.)


Sugar Photography said...

so apparently you haven't noticed the time stamps on my buddy amy's blog entries...always after midnight

she is notorious for getting her 2nd wind once everyone is asleep.

had fun on saturday-such a great girls' night in!!!

see you tomorrow! (tell the Goo I said to cooperate so you can escape!)