Sunday, November 05, 2006


i'm pretty sure yesterday was THE LONGEST DAY of my life as a mother. (big sigh)

friday night, buz and i got ready for bed and just dorked out. (you know the drill...buz played playstation and i nerded around on the computer.) around 10:30, we heard henry cry. nothing out of the ordinary. he cries a couple of times a night. we just go in there, redo his covers, pat his head, and kiss him, and he goes right back to bed. no big deal. we normally farkle (rock, scissor, paper) for who goes in there, and then we alternate. i just said i would go. i walked in, and he was sitting up. a little abnormal, but i didn't think anything of it. i tried (in the dark) to find his covers and get him comfortable. and then it happened...


yes, my 3-year-old upchucked everything he had eaten in the last 2 days. lovely.

so i called for buz ever so calmly. (note the sarcasm.) he came in and turned on the light, and big h was bawling and scared as anything AND covered in stuff i won't even explain. we changed the sheets (very hard to do on a bunkbed that is positioned against the wall) and his jammies. washed his face and loved on him for a while. then, i put him back to bed and ran my fingers through his hair for a while to calm him down. yes, an HOUR later, blah! again, folks. this occurred EVERY HOUR until about 3:30 in the morning. i was determined not to get sick because i couldn't imagine nursing greta and having a stomach bug at the same time. so buz took him into our bed at that point, and i "slept" in the guest room until about 5. then, we didn't want him to get dehydrated, so we gave him a little water. threw it up. i mean, the poor kid couldn't keep anything down. we had to explain to him that he had to drink little sips and had to drink them slowly. he was so NOT into the pacing himself thing. he was so frustrated and sad about not getting to have anything to eat or drink. bless his heart. we watched the heffalump movie around 8 in the morning, and he and dad fell asleep. you know it's bad when brad wakes up from his nap at 9:15 in the morning!!!! yikes -- long day! finally about 3 in the afternoon, he wanted dad to read him a story. VERY unusual. dad, of course, obliged. while he was being read to, he fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours on the floor. mind you, he kept his jammies on the entire day. he went the rest of the day without throwing up, so for dinner we let him have some mashed potatoes. by the time we put him down, he was out before baby tad (his lullaby-singing frog) was done. this frog only sings for 6 minutes. people, this is VERY rare.

so today we, of course, skipped church and did absolutely nothing. he was in much better spirits, which was good for all. and so because he was better, greta decided to take her turn. no, she did NOT have throw up or anything of the sort. just MAJOR feeding issues. and if you know wisner history, greta has never been a good nurser/eater. you would never know it by the size of her cheeks. but each feeding is a major chore, for her and me. when it does go well, it is awesome. when it doesn't, it is bad. so she was pretty ticked from about 4:00 on. we even tried a bottle. something that has NOT been tried since brad had his heart attack in august. but no such luck. she just wouldn't have it. we think she's starting to show a little strength of personality. we pray it doesn't even come close to the "strength" of big h's. :)

but children are now in bed. buz won his game (playstation), and i have come to the end of my nerding out. now it is time for me to lay next to my buz and find rest.

sad, huh? you know it's bad when i don't even have any pictures to post.


Kelly from Montana said...

so sad for you! that's what being a mom is all about somedays. i will always remember how nance would pull my hair back as i puked:)
love ya - k