Thursday, November 02, 2006

happy thursday, november 2

october 30...we celebrated "happy birthday, henry"

october 31...most celebrated "happy halloween."

november 2...we celebrated the day henry finally put on his halloween costume!

three cheers for big h!

keep in mind that he kept it on a mere 6.3 seconds, but that was enough time for mom to put the camera on auto and snap a shot of this...

love you, big h.

my kid is the weirdest kid around. God love him.

today was a tough day for the goo. she has had drainage for about a week and a half now. makes me so sad for her. (and probably TMI, but it is really hard to nurse a congested baby.) so she came up with her very own nursing strike. for those not aware, nursing is a supply and demand set-up. you think through that. she doesn't eat, i don't make milk. and i no longer have a pump at home, so tonight when we was finally ready to eat and go nighty night, her buffet was all picked over. so be praying for the goo. she is just not herself, and we miss her! greta, get well soon. as for tonight, we threw her (not literally) in the bathtub, and all her cares were gone. calgon took her away...

i made an appointment with her pediatrician today after big h got out of school. the whole way there he was crying because he didn't want to go to the doctor. i mean, how in the world do you explain to a 3-year-old that he is NOT the one going to the doctor. *big sigh* we got there, and he and i read stories, and the goo got LOTS of lovin' from the cute, young nurses. so the pedi walked in. have i mentioned how weird (and cool) i think it is that my child LOVES his pediatrician??? he runs up to him, gives him high five, and hugs and kisses him and starts telling him about...trains! so cute. so he basically said she looks good. just congested. so saline and the bulb for a couple of days. we can do that. the hard part is watching good mood greta be sad.

and the best came when i was trying to explain to the doc that we all had the crud, and my lovely son runs up to him and says, "hey boh-buhl (what he calls the doc), i have a booooo-guhr!" nice. totally classy. so i immediately try to come up with some lame white lie about how i have NO IDEA where that came from, knowing full well that i mentioned ONE day to my mom that greta had a big booger. i mean, i have GOT to keep my mouth shut. luckily, he didn't pick it out and eat it or anything. :)

well, i would guess most of you are on pins and needles, so here it is. BRAD HAS A NEW JOB!!! what a mighty God we serve! thanks for praying! i think he will probably be starting the monday after thanksgiving. that means, NO MORE horrific commute! and that means a job that brad is WAY PUMPED about! he will be the director of social work & care coordination. stay tuned for more details. but again, thanks for praying. we know that it is why buz was at such peace during the 7 (yes, SEVEN) interviews.

as usual, nothing going on this weekend. breakfast on saturday with a buddy of mine, but that's about it. such is life.


weentrab said...

Such a hearty congratulations is headed your way! Can you hear it thundering down (up?) from Dallas?

Seriously-way to go!

Katy said...


You never fail to crack me up! I love it!