Friday, November 10, 2006

the stars must be aligned or something. as of 7:42pm, the goo is nighty night in her room, and big h is in his room (with the light off, i might add) singing, "how to be a tigger, how to be a tigger..." doesn't get much better than that. (now before you go getting jealous, my time will come tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour when BOTH of my children are awake and yours are still snoozing.) but for now, i have a smile on my face.

actually, it DOES get better than that. buz got home from work early today.

actually, it just continues to get better and better. the temperature is 59 degrees right now, and it is only supposed to get up to 60 tomorrow. YIPPEE!!! this is big. (i know all of you who live north of texas, namely kelly, are laughing at my excitement, but cut me some slack, ok? anything below 70 is like winter around here.) tonight people all over dallas are looking for their down-filled coats and fleece-lined khakis. i am simply searching for something without short sleeves. ahhh...i can already feel the crisp air. bliss, folks. pure bliss.

now, there IS a downside to this evening. buz is leaving town tomorrow and won't be back until sunday. i am so sad. before everyone goes running for their brown paper sack, let me explain. ever since his heart attack, i don't like to be away from him for that long. i know we're disgustingly mushy, but he's my best friend.

however, the reason for his absence is AWESOME. he is taking his best friend from high school to the OU/Tech game tomorrow in Norman. my parents have season tickets to the OU games, but they are in birmingham this weekend for my niece's christening. so buz gets to go have a guy weekend, which i'm sure will include your basic beer consumption and checking out the local sorority co-eds. :) go get 'em, buz. i am so excited for him. they will fly up for the game tomorrow and stay the night and then come back sunday. i pray they have a blast! he really needs it.

AND i am incredibly blessed. my sweet buddy weentrab (yes, you all know her by now) is coming over to help. help, you ask? yes, i said help. i won't even try to defend myself. my sweet greta goo has a REALLY hard time at night. she is just really fussy and has a hard time settling down. so weentrab is going to tag team it with me tomorrow night. what a trooper. (in exchange for me helping her put some work stuff together and perhaps a snack or two.) and then, all fingers crossed, we will be attempting church on sunday without dad, which will be a HUGE task. i will consider it an accomplishment if we can pull it off.

i have NO IDEA how tight big h will squeeze buz when he gets home on sunday. gosh, that kid is madly in love with his daddy. i have to admit -- i don't think greta will notice he's gone. don't tell brad.

today, greta and i played with my camera for a little while. (big h was playing...well, trains, of course.) the sun was so incredibly bright, so ignore the fact that a lot of these are blown out, but how cute is my little sweetheart in her hat? we're working on smiles with her. clearly, she hasn't perfected the art. it's the cheeks. she really is a happy little girl, i promise. she's just serious about life. plus, she always has to have her a-game on, being big h's sister and all. :)

and my personal favorite...i mean, can you already tell she is going to have a little sneaky side?

oh yeah, and amy, i will not be winning any of the november blogging prizes. course, i'm guessing you won't be either. sad for us.

hmmm...funny things about henry. he thanked Jesus tonight for his family in birmingham, which included "unca bah (uncle bob), ant ee-yee (aunt emily), walt, maggie, maggie, maggie (FYI: there is only one maggie), and aggie kay (addie kate)." and then he said, "oh yeah, and bob the tomato." ??? i asked what the best part of his day was, and he said "moo-mee," which is a smoothie that he got at the mall tonight. priorities, people. priorities. and we've been reading a lot of winnie the pooh lately. so today i asked one of my routine curiosity questions of "where would you like to go today?" remember, rarely do we ever go where he asks because there are pretty far fetched (i.e. grand canyon). today he responds with, "hey mommy, hey mommy, i go to hundred acre wood, ok?" love this kid. big h, that's one place i will probably NOT be able to take you.

off to knock at the door of the special place (that we call nighty night land).


weentrab said...

oh, yeah...I might not be able to help tomorrow. it's too cold.


looking forward to some uninterrupted Wisener-Weentrab bonding time.

maybe I should just bring my jams and we can stay up and talk all night long!

Anonymous said...

Big Jan~ I'm so with you on it finally being below 70 degrees around here!!! I mean, 90 in mid november...really??? Oh, I am all bundled up in my parka for our evening out tonight & it's the best!! hee hee

And, can I say again how absolutely adorable sweet Greta is....those big blue eyes, oh my gosh!!!

Love ya,