Friday, November 17, 2006


what is that in the mirror? gray?! surely not! no wait...not just ONE gray hair but MULTIPLE ones. what in the free world are gray hairs doing all over my young, little 31-year-old head?

hmmm...perhaps it's because i am the mother of not two children, but THREE! see most recent family picture...

do you see something on henry's left side? yes, folks, henry has his own baby. his name is "baby boy." clever, henry.

today, we began our day by having bff (amy) and wes over to play. amazingly, henry shared *almost* everything with wes, with the exception of his play vacuum. i think i just need to put the vacuum away when people come over because that's typically the one BIG tantrum he throws after having to share. i woke the goo up to feed her, and then we headed to the car. typically, the trip to the car is a struggle for henry and me. NOT TODAY! i got to inform henry that we were going to visit daddy at work. i mean, the excitement coming from this little 34-pound guy was over the top! sad to say, greta didn't seem to care one way or the other, though she wasn't that pumped about getting in her carseat. we drove ALL THE WAY to ft. worth (buz, thanks for sacrificing for us everyday). his department was having a goodbye luncheon for him. we walked into the conference room, and henry was so elated to see his daddy from across the room. and buz's eyes lit up when he saw all of us walk through the doorway. it was so fun to see everyone watch him interact with us. henry did great, and greta was quite a star. then, i found a lactation resource center there at the hospital, and so i got to feed greta someplace other than a handicapped bathroom stall. she was appreciative. so appreciative that i can say with confidence that she ate really well. (for everyone keeping up with greta, you know that her having good feedings is a huge accomplishment.) we got ready to leave, and henry decided he wanted to stay at work with daddy for a while. apparently, per dad's report, henry had his a-game on today. he was a perfect little kiddo. again, a major accomplishment. he colored and played with play dough.

and now for how and when we adopted little "baby boy." i came back to brad's office when i was finished feeding greta, and henry was playing in his office. he had found said baby in a drawer of dad's desk. (don't even ask me how the baby doll got there in the first place.) henry was playing with the baby. taking it out of the drawer and holding it and saying, "it's ok, baby, it's ok." then he would tell me that he was putting baby back to sleep. he would open the drawer, lay the baby in the drawer (ever so gently, i might add), and cover it with one of greta's burp cloths. then, he would get the baby back out and begin the whole process over again. well, brad was doing something on the computer, and i was playing with greta, when i look over and see something that i wasn't sure how to respond to. henry had his shirt pulled up and had the doll up by his tummy. i thought, "surely not." but oh yes. i inquired as to what he was doing, and he responded with "mommy i'm feeding baby." the more i thought about it, i thought it was sweet. he doesn't know any different. every time i say i'm going to feed baby, that is what i do. he has never seen a baby bottle before, so why wouldn't he be able to feed "his" baby this way?

i left for plano around 2, and buz called at about 3:45 or 4 saying that he and henry were on their way home. and when they walked in the door, not 2 but 3 boys came through the door. yes, people, baby came home with us. baby boy has been on his own since they came home, but is currently tucked in right next to henry in his bed. should i be concerned that he thanked Jesus first for baby boy and then "oh yeah, and baby gree-ya?" and should greta be concerned too? is this a sibling for her too? she doesn't seem too pleased.

greta and i made a run to hobby lobby tonight because we're finding out that no-nap greta isn't near as fun as greta with a normal amount of sleep. so mommy decided she needed some drive time tonight.

one more story about big h. proof that i know he's listening even when he doesn't appear to be. i was giving him his bath the other night while dad was getting some goo time. we were just talking about pooh and how much honey he eats. we talked about what pooh's friends eat. pooh eats honey. and he's pretty sure his friend *pigget* eats honey too. we go on to talk about what mommy and daddy eat. daddy eats pasta, and mommy eats chips and cheese. (what is it with people these days commenting on me eating nachos?) baby eats me, which again, i thought was very observant. walt (cousin) eats yellow crackers. maggie (cousin) eats blue sticks (graham cracker sticks). aggie kay (cousin) eats lots of noh-nee (milk). and finally, owl, pooh's friend, eats docka-pepper. LOVE THIS KID! he's really onto something. :)

janet got to do something way fun last night. janet fed the goo and headed down to the angelika for some grey's anatomy on the big screen. SO MUCH FUN! shocker, weentrab was the one to coordinate such an event. weentrab, secretly, janet wants to be just like you! and janet got to sit next to her new friend amy and fill her in on anything she might have missed while munching on some delicious junior mints. and as weentrab pointed out, janet thoroughly enjoyed some fabulous nachos. most of you know that they are janet's weakness. YUMMY!

as for greta, i think she's really getting the hang of this 2nd born thing. i mean, she just takes naps when and where it's convenient for everyone else. for example, she was sitting next to big h yesterday, doing puzzles, and henry decided she wasn't very good at puzzles, so he left to go do something different. and this is what happened...

and the easy-going personality i've been talking about...God love her! :)

(if you look really closely, you might be able to see the amazing amount of spit up on her chin. i mean, the girl can spit.)

greta, i love you!