Friday, September 22, 2006

heart attack

hmmm...should i inform those interested parties about brad's heart attack or tell of the day's events? tough call. perhaps both?

to start with the lighter of the 2...we'll begin with brad's heart attack. and for those of you who have made "heart attack jokes" lately, no worries. we aren't offended. or i should say brad isn't. it's actually humorous to us. the morning of friday september 18, brad called on my cell phone. he typically never calls during the day. i was at the pediatrician with both children (that's still weird to say) to see if he could find anything wrong with greta. she was having (and still is) nursing problems. i normally turn my cell phone off during doctors' appointments. but for some reason, i didn't that morning. in my attempt to win wife of the year, i pushed the ignore button. it rang again. i pushed the ignore button again. by the third time, i was annoyed. (course, i'm sure brad was too.) so i told the pediatrician i was going to answer really quickly. brad asked if i was in a place where i could hear him. he told me he was in the ER. well, brad works in a hospital, and so he calls from all over the hospital. i didn't think a thing of being in the ER...until he told me he was a patient in the ER. the 3 of us managed to leave the pediatrician as quickly as i knew possible. i talked to him briefly, and he told me he had some chest pains that morning when he was interviewing someone for a job. he had to excuse himself and go to the ER. 2 hours later, his boss called me to tell me that he was ok, that he was alert, but that they were going to admit him????? what??? so in a matter of an hour, i nursed greta, sent henry with his dear aunt tanna and then later dropped greta off at aunt tanna's as well. they both stayed there friday night and saturday. (thank you camp wisner.) i drove to ft. worth thinking "i'm sorry. am i really driving to see my 36-year-old husband in the hospital? i mean, could this be serious? am i going to be a single mom of 2 children?" i know all of that sounds dramatic, but i couldn't help but think the worst. when i got there, he was in the cardiac ICU. it was the scariest thing i have ever seen. i spent the night on the cot there. my sweet father-in-law flew in on saturday morning from new mexico to spend time with brad and to relieve me. i went back home on saturday to henry and my FOUR-WEEK-OLD (trying to get some sympathy). my buddy bitsy came over that night to clean my house and help me put my kiddos to bed. it was so weird not sleeping with my spouse that night. then, the next morning was sunday, august 20 -- my 31st birthday. pretty sure it was the crappiest birthday i have ever had. but henry, greta, and i managed to get to church and then dunkin donuts afterwards. and that night my bff came over to bring me a burger and help me put my kiddos to bed. i have the best friends and family EVER!!! bff spent the night sunday night and took greta to her house that monday. i took henry back to aunt tanna's on monday morning. i went back to ft. worth on monday for brad's cardiac catheterization and angiogram. i spent my time in the waiting room with my sweet brother-in-law who couldn't imagine not being there. ( blessed by family and friends.) they found that brad had suffered a mild heart attack. so scary. we took him home that night, and tanna graciously kept henry that night. so we had a night with just the two of us and greta. anyway...he is much better now. just taking an exorbitant amount of pills every night. i promise he's only 36, not 86. so there you have it.

to be honest, i'm ready to hit the hay. so i'm just going to post some pictures of my little family. hope you enjoy!

shocker...henry playing with a train

just a look at how big my "little man" is getting...

i LOVE that henry wants greta to do things with him (like watch blues clues). she's not ever very comfortable, but henry loves being with her.


weentrab said...

oh dear-just how precious is that picture of the sweet siblings? so darn cute.

reading the story of brad's heart stresses me out, even though it a) happened weeks ago and b)I've already heard it before.

also-can I just say how excited I am to see another post by you? two in two days, is it my birthday or something???

GRAMMA WIZ said...

I couldn't agree with Weentrab more. This is so fun to get your blog when I wake up. My special thanks go to Weentrab for pushing you to this for us all. Plus it makes a journal for us to go back and remember details that get fuzzy. Hearing the details again of our Brad scare brings back emotional memories, but mainly how thrilled and lucky we are that it was only a serious loud warning so he will improve his diet and exercise so he will get as old as me and his Dad put together.

The picture of Greta laying by Henry may be the cutest one ever!!!
(also the one on you guys at Octoberfest is terrific, plus the one of Greta in the little aqua top. She is soooooooo beautiful.


Franklin5 said...

WOW WOW WOW! I'm just now reading about your health scare and am stunned. (And yes, it feels a little odd to be commenting on a stranger's life, but such is the Weentrab camaraderie.) You sound so calm and full of grace about it all, which is incredibly impressive, and I'm hoping that you and your cute family enjoy many decades of health and happiness together!

Love the pictures, too! :)

Amy (who is too lazy to blog tonight, so having fun reading others')