Thursday, September 21, 2006


two amazing days in a row. my life is rich.

(before i forget...for those who don't know about brad's heart attack (and are actually interested), stay tuned. details to come. (i can hear the anticipation.)

so my morning started with big h waking up saying, "mommy, where are you? you sleep good? you come to my room now?" so i got him out of his room and brought him back to my bed. that may very well be one of my favorite things about being a mommy. snuggling with my almost 3-year-old little man. then, we fixed "dings" (or eggos, as most people call them) and watched some tv together. i had to wake greta-head up at 8:30 to eat. i took henry to school and on the way, we had a fascinating conversation. we began talking about how daddy goes to work and helps people. i asked what greta does, and he replied, "she cries." insightful. i was scared to ask, but i went for it. "and what does mommy do?" "oh, you feed baby!!!" and he informed me that he plays trains. again...insightful! the best was when i asked what nana (my mom) does, and he said very confidently, "she comes to see us and runs errands." priceless!
greta and i met my buddy kerri (aka jackson's mommy) for some starbucks and a cinnamon twist. gosh, what a neat place she's in right now. getting ready to have a baby in a couple of weeks. kerri, what a refreshing time this morning was.

went to pick big h up from school, and his teacher said he was talking to daddy. i was confused. henry proceeded to tell me (while holding a play telephone), "hold on, mommy. i'm leaving daddy a message." apparently, henry has a lot of business to take care of during the day. he is very important. we went home and got to spend some time with one of my new buddies, jill (aka smitty's wife). got to share in some typical 2-year-old boy stories. jill, i'm here for you. :) been there. still there.
and then, for the piece de resistance. went to the dream cafe to meet my buddy weentrab. this is my buddy who i long to be just like. for a while, i dreamed of attending the "weentrab institute," only to find out that there is and will only be ONE weentrab. to be able to sit and watch henry play with sam and ben and not point his finger at either of them or bark orders is a rare occasion. and greta, in her laid back style, hung out with us girls. i think she maybe cried once? and just let everyone know...she was wearing a dress. not only was it a dress, but a PINK one at that. i realize most of you who read this might be shocked to know that i would put my baby girl in something other than jeans and a white t-shirt. she looked amazing.
speaking of greta...she sure has changed in the last month. (forgive the fact that i can actually take SUCH horrible pictures of such a beautiful little girl.)

this is greta at 1 month old...

and at 2 months old...

and to end the day by watching the season premier of the office with my spouse and digging into some yummy to go dessert. ahhh...does life get any better?
and for those of you are interested, henry's burn or "oussie" is a TON better. i think he's going to make it. it was touch and go for a while, but he will live.


gramma Wiz said...

I love the conversation. So much fun. He is so brilliant and adorable. How funny his comment about Nance doing errands.
He has always been a hard worker, whether he was sweeping or vacuuming or mowing the lawn. But it is nice that he is now getting into the business world with his Dad. AND how proud am I that my baby is able to overcome being a marshmellow and use his "firm" voice to Henry. Love you all and so very happy to be back in the u.s. so I can hear your little voice this morning. Love me