Wednesday, September 20, 2006


so, tonight i sit at the computer while my 36-year-old husband plays NCAA football on his playstation 2. and i am moved. moved by the amount of love i have for my family. first of all, after dealing with brad's heart attack 4 weeks ago, i don't take a day with him for granted. how blessed i am to be roommates with my very best friend! then, there's big h. i know some of you reading right now are wondering what in the world i am going to say about my little man. my buttons are popping with joy. he is the most amazing little boy. the things that come out of my mouth blow me away. (clearly, today was a good day.) and then let's get to greta. could anyone other than God alone have created something/someone more perfect?

today, brad had an upper GI (i mean, the guy is acting like he's 85 years old these days). so he was going to be home the rest of the day. not only does that make me happy, it THRILLS my little boy. some days i can't imagine what it must be like to be brad. to have henry scream at the top of his lungs, "DADDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEE!" and run as fast as he can to the back door and jump in my arms and kiss me. gosh, it was so fun to have him home today. we got a lot of good playing done outside. (because it wasn't 624 degrees outside for the first time in about 6 months.) greta came too. (of course she did.)

henry, greta, and i headed to church this morning for bible study. we (greta and i) are studying "breaking free" by beth moore. of course, we had to stop at whataburger on the way to get "sunsee uh-tee-os." (that's henry language for crunchy potatoes or hashbrown sticks. extremely nutritional.) greta got passed around from lady to lady. she loved every minute of it, and i would bet the ladies enjoyed it too. i picked henry up from "the nursery," where he got to play with miss gina and miss polly, who think the world of him. i try not to use the word nursery because he's not a baby anymore, so he says.

we came home and none of us took naps. unfortunate for all. henry's speech therapist came over and loved on him a LOT!!! ashley, he LOVES you! we had dinner, and somehow (?), we had both kids in bed AND asleep by 8:00 tonight. and now i'm getting a chance to just sit here and realize how wonderful my life is.

tonight, before henry and i talked to jesus, he started singing, "deep and wide, deep and wide" and "joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart..." i'm sorry -- is my 2-year-old singing bible songs? life couldn't be any better?

i didn't post a picture tonight because i actually have a chance to go hang out with my best friend for a while before going to bed (aka brad)


Anonymous said...

Big J~

How much do I love you and your blog...this is absolutely perfect for you to be doing. So happy that little Greta is a laid back deserve it & it gives me hope for my next one(if there's a next one)...Oh, & my sister is on this sight as well...look up just started in July & it's so much fun to read, so I'll definitely enjoy reading yours as well. Glad buz is well & hope big h's little hand heals soon.

Love ya,


Gramma Wiz said...

Here is the other great thing about your blog is getting to listen in on your conversations with your pals. :-) Gramma Wiz